God of War Ragnarök offers five levels of difficulty that you can change at will

God of War Ragnarök offers five levels of difficulty that you can change at will

When God of War Ragnarok launches on PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 on November 9th, you’ll be spoiled for choice. You have five levels of difficulty at your disposal. Depending on your mood, your skill level and your thirst for a challenge, you can even switch between the different grades – even in the middle of the game.

Comfortable or dangerous? You choose!

Game Director Eric Williams revealed all of this during a live Q&A on developer studio Santa Monica’s official Discord channel. There are these levels of difficulty:

  • Give Me Story – Easy playthrough of the story
  • give me balance – Balanced gaming experience
  • Give Me Grace – Somewhere between story and balance
  • Give Me No Mercy – Challenging
  • Give Me God of War – Hardest gaming experience

Overall, the difficulties are reminiscent of 2018’s God of War, although there were only four modes instead of five. Especially the story mode and the “No Mercy” mode are very similar to their predecessors. At the hardest level of difficulty, however, Santa Monica has screwed things up a bit.

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Players who start out on this difficulty level will find it slightly easier to begin with than in the previous game’s hardest mode. The challenge grows over time and gives you a little time to get used to it before the cold north gets really brutal.

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In addition, players can now switch back from the hardest level of difficulty to another mode if it becomes too difficult or they just want to get through the story faster. However, once you have abandoned the hardest mode, there is no way back to it in this playthrough.