Gotham Knights: How many hours does the superhero game keep you busy?

Gotham Knights: How many hours does the superhero game keep you busy?

The superhero adventure was released at the end of October 2022 Gotham Knights, which lets you explore the eponymous gloomy DC metropolis. In case you’re wondering how many hours If the game could keep you busy, we will go into more detail about the scope of the title below.

How long have you been dealing with the story about Batgirl & Co.?

First, let’s take a look at the story of the game. With Batman dead, his former sidekicks Batgirl, Nightwing, Red Hood and Robin must protect Gotham City. However, they must quickly realize that a powerful, ancient secret organization lurks in the shadows.

Should you only focus on the main story of “Gotham Knights”, you can with a playing time of about 15 hours calculate. It depends on whether you really see the credits flicker across the screen that quickly different things depending on the selected level of difficulty.

In addition, you will spend a not inconsiderable part of the game time with yourselves some cutscenes to look at These serve once to advance the action, on the other hand you also get one in them deeper insight into emotional life the DC heroes.

How long does it take you to get 100 percent in Gotham Knights?

But of course “Gotham Knights” has more to offer than just its story. Typical of the genre await you all sorts of optional side missions and collection tasks, to which you may devote yourself. This includes, for example, short stories about Clayface, Harley Quinn and Mr Freeze.

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Harley Quinn also makes life difficult for you in “Gotham Knights” © 2022 Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc.

Furthermore, wait skill tests, time trials and digging out gangster nests. Also you can do different collectibles search, which should also take a few hours. With the coming Four player co-op mode should increase in scope even more.

For Story and side quests you can, according to the current status, well and gladly around 27 hours plan on. However, there is of course more to do if you want to crack 100 percent:

That Character max level achieve, unlock the best possible gear and all trophies/achievements. And then he’s still waiting New Game Plus mode on you.

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So you have a lot to do to rid Gotham City of criminals and become the new guardian of the city. A 100% run should you about 42 hours occupy. This offers you “Gotham Knights” one similar scope like the studio’s last DC game, Batman: Arkham Origins.