Gunsmith features have been disabled in Modern Warfare II due to crash bugs.

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The new feature called Weapon Tuning in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II has been disabled due to being the possible cause of game crashes.

In an announcement posted by Infinity Ward’s official Twitter account, the studio said it had temporarily disabled the feature while it investigates the issues.

“We are disabling attachment wrapping until further notice to investigate user blocks with five wrapped attachments,” reads in the statement.

“If you currently have a tuned accessory equipped, you will need to unequip and re-equip it to use its charge”.

Weapon tuning is a new feature that was added to Modern Warfare II. It’s part of the Gunsmith system, which has been in previous Call of Duty games, and allows players to add accessories to their weapons, including scopes, magazines, muzzles, grips, and buttstocks.

After leveling a weapon to its maximum rank, Modern Warfare 2 players will now unlock the attachment tuning feature.

This allows players to adjust the sliders that impact two specific stats on the weapon. By increasing the speed, players can open their sight, for example, they can reduce the time it takes to shoot after running.

Players can equip up to five attachments on their weapon at any one time, but it seems that if all five attachments have been adjusted, it has been causing glitches.

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This is the issue that Infinity Ward is trying to investigate and why it was decided to disable the snap feature until it can figure out the cause of the error.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II is available for Xbox, PlayStation and PC. You can read our full review by following this link.