LoL: Underdog Beats Messiah, Plays From Play-Ins To Finals – Ruins Last 8 Perfect Bets

LoL: Underdog Beats Messiah, Plays From Play-Ins To Finals - Ruins Last 8 Perfect Bets

Esports history was made last night in League of Legends. On 10/30 there was the semi-final at LoL Worlds 2022 between Korean champions Gen G. and underdog team DRX – and it came as a big surprise. This also destroys the last 8 perfect Pick’Ems bets. 25-year-old Cho “BeryL” Geon-hee is the first in 5 years to make it to 3 consecutive Worlds finals.

These teams played:

  • Gen G. were a favorite to win the Worlds before the start – bookmakers saw their chances at 1:4. Since “the Messiah”, Chovy, joined the team in the mid lane, the chances of clinching the second world championship title after 2017 were good. Back then, Team Faker screwed up the number 4 title.
  • DRX, on the other hand, had to earn the right to start at Worlds in the play-ins. Betting offices saw their odds at 1:34. They had brought in a strong and experienced player in supporter Beryl, but nobody really had the team in mind. The Worlds 2022 should be the farewell tournament, a “last dance” for the 26-year-old ADC Deft.

Before the match, DRX had practically no chance: They had lost their last 13 games against Gen G. It was almost a miracle that they had survived the quarterfinals against DWG KIA a week earlier:

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DRX wins semifinals 3-1 against Gen G.

How did the series go? Gen G. clearly won the first match with 12-2. Ruler played a flawless 5-0-3 on Varus. The thing was up and running in 29 minutes. Gen G’s botlane looked super powerful with Ruler/Lehends.

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But in Match 2, DRX’s botlane turned up the heat with veteran Deft and anime fan Beryl: Deft played 5-0-3 on Caityln and the game went 9-3 for in a low-kill match after 39 minutes DRX off.

Match 3 was a clear affair, Zeka in the Mildane going 7-0-2 on Akali and aging Chovy on Azir.

In Match 4 there was no more comeback from Gen G.: Deft again on Varus with 5-0-6 with an outstanding support from Beryl and this time jungler Pyosik closed it.

Is the boss in the final:

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Weak point in the jungle suddenly becomes a highlight

How is the match viewed? on reddit one is sure that this is really a miracle story: Jungler Pyosik in particular was actually already considered to be decommissioned and a weak point. It’s unbelievable that someone can come back like this and shine like that.

The increase in midlaner Zake was also extreme, hardly anyone expected that he could hold his own against Chovy: The young Korean Chovy is considered one of the best players in the world.

A user says: “Church of Chovy – Church of Zeka!”

The Korean side inventory sees strong macro play with the objectives as an advantage for DRX. Again and again, dives, teamfights and early kills decided the games: DRX earned small gold advantages and was able to convert them into victories in the long run. In League of Legends this is called “snowballing”.

Most watched Twitch clip of the day: Chovy wastes a flash – which is actually totally out of character:

From the play-ins to the finals

What records were there? In the history of LoL, up until last night, no team had managed to progress from the play-ins to the finals. DRX are the first to do so.

Traditionally, the play-ins are played by the second guard of teams from large regions, which are good, but by no means master material in their countries.

Supporter Beryl managed to win his 3rd straight Worlds Finals, the last two times he’s partnered Showmaker and Canyon with DWG KIA in finals. In 2020 they even won the Worlds.

Beryl becomes the 4th player to reach three consecutive Worlds finals. The other three were Bang, Faker, and Wolf during the 2015-2017 run of T1 (via dotesports).

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DRX destroys the last perfect 8 Pick’ems

What’s the deal with Pick’ems? Before the Worlds, all LoL players can predict the course of the tournament in the “Pick’Em” competition.

Eight players had everything right so far and saw T1, JD Gaming, DRX and Gen G. in the semifinals – but all 8 now saw Gen G. ahead. Nobody had bet on DRX, so there can no longer be a “perfect Pick’Ems”.

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The final will take place on November 5th. The final boss is waiting for DRX, T1 with Faker and the young miracle botlane:

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