Microsoft wants to handle Call of Duty similar to Minecraft

Microsoft wants to handle Call of Duty similar to Minecraft, GamersRD

Microsoft has said it intends to handle Call of Duty similar to Minecraft and make the $30 billion franchise as widespread as possible, even on competing platforms like PlayStation and Nintendo.

In a recent interview with Wall Street JournalPhil Spencer echoes Microsoft’s sentiment, saying that he would personally like to see Call of Duty everywhere, including the Nintendo Switch.

One of the reasons people choose different consoles is to look at the exclusive games that are available. If you think of Nintendo, a platform that I love, people think of Zelda and Mario… these are iconic franchises that are available on those platforms.“.

For us, we have franchises like Halo and Forza and things that people love, and Sony has its own set of exclusive franchises. So while we’re shipping stuff, we’re definitely going to have new franchises exclusive to Xbox, no question.. “

I’m just saying that the public engagement is similar to when we acquired Minecraft. When we acquired it, it was on 12 platforms and now it’s on 22 platforms. Our intention is to treat Call of Duty very similarly to the way we have treated it. minecraft and put it in many different places“. “At this point, those are franchises that have achieved broad global awareness and I think more people should be able to play them.“.

Spencer goes on to say that Call of Duty will continue to release on PlayStation and will probably come to Switch in some capacity. This would be a great thing as we haven’t seen a Call of Duty game on the Nintendo console since Call of Duty: Ghost released in Nintendo Wii U.

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What we do not know is how the game would run on the Switch as Call of Duty is a graphics heavy game and the current Nintendo Switch hardware is not the best for this. We have seen games that have been a disaster when a Switch port is made, although we have heard rumors of a new more powerful Switch console, Nintendo still does not give anything clear that this would be a reality.