MMORPG players smuggle gold to fresh servers – Get permanent ban but protest

MMORPG players smuggle gold to fresh servers - Get permanent ban but protest

New servers have been opened in the MMORPG Old School RuneScape. However, due to a bug, some players were able to transfer their wealth from other servers to the new “Fresh Start” worlds. The developer Jagex did not like the action and permanently blocked the players. However, they claim that their action would be legal.

What happened to the worlds? On October 19th, so-called “Fresh Start” worlds appeared in Old School RuneScape, i.e. servers on which all players start again from scratch. The economy, the high scores and the worlds first can be experienced in a new way.

However, “a small handful of players” managed to get gold from their other servers into these new worlds with the help of a bug. Jagex noticed the error and permanently banned these players and all of their accounts. They also removed the gold and the resulting damage as best they could.

How are the banned players reacting? They see themselves wrongly banned. Allegedly, Jagex even allowed gold to be brought to the new servers.

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Jagex allows the transfer of gold

Why are the players protesting? In the announcement about the Fresh Start worlds, Jagex said that the transfer of GP (Gold Pieces – the in-game currency) is allowed. There it says:

We’ve received a number of questions regarding our stance on trading GP from the main game into Fresh Start Worlds (or vice versa). We want to clarify that trading is not a bannable offense. However, it is risky, so we advise against doing it. Players must accept the risk that they may be cheated in the process.

Via RuneScape

Twitter user Lil Guthix also uses this exact example (via Twitter). He was irritated by the fact that there would be bans: “You can’t be banned because of a bug if 90% of the community depends on such bugs.”

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However, it is unclear what is meant by “wealth” in Jagex’s original statement. On Twitter, users claim that items were also smuggled onto the new servers. In addition, other players state that there is a difference between getting the gold legally and exploiting a bug.

The community is divided as to whether a permanent ban was really the right decision based on Jagex’s statement.

RuneScape is one of the old MMORPGs that are still popular today:

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Also, some players have posted screenshots of people who still have great wealth on the Fresh Start worlds and haven’t been banned. In general, the launch of the new servers is anything but successful, according to many users on reddit and on Twitter, posting a number of memes to go with it, including a picture with “0 days since the last time shit was messed up”.

What do you think of the new servers? Should it even be allowed to put gold on a Fresh Start world?

However, there was also a very entertaining story about RuneScape last week. A streamer had a bet going and wasn’t killed in 605 days:

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