MoMoCa 10/31/22: Subscription campaign ahead! – News

MoMoCa 10/31/22: Subscription campaign ahead!  - News


Jörg and Hagen announce a new subscription campaign, but also serve up a colorful bouquet of topics: from the end of the nine worlds to lonely islands and the desert planet.

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Welcome to the latest MoMoCa with the duo Jörg and Hagen, who are looking forward to the Twitch stream this Monday and are introducing a new subscription campaign (see time stamp 0:31:51). But the two have a lot to say to each other about the upcoming topics with games like God of War – Ragnarok, fine electronics sounds from a well-known name and surreal cinema films. And of course the answers to your questions should not be missing either.

The timecodes of this episode:

  • 0:00:42 On this Monday, which is a public holiday or bridging day in many places, Jörg and Hagen say hello
  • 0:02:48 Hagen has the first season this weekend Only Murders in the Building ended and the EP chat from MOC belongs to the group of Anatol Locker
  • 0:04:57 Jörg again had the surreal “disgustingly funny” at the weekend Triangle of Sadness seen in the cinema…
  • 0:08:08… and trying to be a kind of music producer for a certain reason
  • 0:18:28 The Sunday question: AAA or Indie, what are you more interested in?
  • 0:24:02 GG week kicks off with our Halloween Twitch event, the latest column from Michael Stallion, Tactics Ogre – Reborn in the quarter hour as well as platinum update and editorial.
  • 0:31:51 One will start this Monday Premium subscription promotionwhich allows new customers and non-subscribers (and even those considering ending their subscription) to receive up to 50 percent off a one-year GG Premium subscription!
  • 0:37:31 GG week continues with reviews of God of War – Ragnarok and the chantfollowed by WoSchCa and Photos of the Month and Platinum Update.
  • 0:40:47 The user questions opened jguillemont: Why isn’t the Xbox Series as hard to get to stores as the PS5?
  • 0:43:25 Kinukawa asks about our plans for Mount & Blade 2 – Banner Lord.
  • 0:45:31 Missing release dates in preview texts Yesnocancel
  • 0:46:49 crizzo hits with a quizzo
  • 0:47:10 After a test Star Ocean – The Divine Force inquires Alex Cartman
  • 0:47:51 Will the News XP promotion be extended frug vanni727
  • 0:48:47 drapondur wishes that autocomplete in the search bar would become an optional feature
  • 0:49:15 Prince Ipp digs into a side effect of a certain ad type
  • 0:53:11 For how we’re going to Homicidal All Stars standing, interested Henman
  • 0:54:31 Finally, turns Ridger to Jörg: If he Dune-Huge fan reads the novels again, does he wallow through all the novels?
  • 1:04:33 Thanks for listening and please join us for tonight’s Twitch event!
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