Netflix & Co.: Our streaming tips for Halloween

Disney+: What we do in the Shadows

Halloween is back on October 31st, making it the perfect time for spooky movie and series nights. However, no genre has become as popular in recent years as horror. There are also countless classic and cult films. That is why we have selected seven films and series for our tips that are current, i.e. ideally from this year, and can be accessed via subscription to one or more streaming providers. If you need even more tips, check out our article from last year.

Guillermo del Toro’s Cabinet of Curiosities (Netflix)

The new horror anthology series by scary master Guillermo del Toro has just arrived at Netflix. In the series, various directors adapt horror stories from well-known and unknown authors. Featuring Jennifer Kent (The Babadook) and Keith Thomas (The Vigil). Each episode stands on its own and deals with different topics such as grave robbery, witches or demon summoning.

For fans of: Varied horror collections where each story can be different.
Alternatives: American Horror Story, Twilight Zone, Black Mirror

The Wolf of Snow Hollow (Amazon Prime)

This film is part horror and part comedy. Actually, nothing ever happens in the small town of Snow Hollow. The panic is all the greater when suddenly a tourist is found dead with a bloody paw print next to her. Is there a wild animal making its murderous rounds in the small town? Or is it something completely different that has tasted blood? A small, easy task for policeman John Marshall to clear things up, when he still has a lot of private problems.

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For fans of: Horror comedies that don’t have to be completely flat
Alternatives: Cabin in the Woods, Studio 666, Shaun of the Dead

What we do in the Shadows (Joyn / Disney+)

Disney+: The vampires in What we do in the Shadows aren’t the smartest.

Source: FPX

Based on Taika Waititi’s horror comedy Three Rooms, Kitchen, Coffin, What We Do in the Shadows follows the everyday life of a group of vampires in New York. It’s not that easy, though, as the old-fashioned bloodsuckers have a hard time navigating the modern world. Strange inventions such as smartphones or supermarkets continue to puzzle the group around the almost 750-year-old Nandor. Luckily, Nandor has an assistant named Guillermo, who explains the world to him and his roommates.

For fans of: Horror that doesn’t take itself seriously and can have fun.
Alternatives: Ash vs Evil Dead, Garth Marenghi’s Darkplace, Wellington Paranormal

All of us are dead (Netflix)

In the meantime, Korea has established itself as a real alternative to the films and series that are known from Hollywood. “All of us are dead” is no exception. As the zombie apocalypse descends upon a Korean high school, a small group of friends struggle to survive. The series takes a little time to get the action going, but then it really gets going.

For fans of: Zombies, anime and korean series
Alternatives: The Walking Dead, Train to Busan, Kingdom

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Netflix: The Midnight Club

Netflix: In order to cope with their illnesses, the members of the Midnight Club tell spooky stories.

Source: Netflix

The Midnight Club (Netflix)

It’s not a year without a new series from horror master Mike Flanagan. After “Haunted Hill House”, “Haunted Bly Manor” and “Midnight Mass” he adapts the youth horror books about the “Midnight Club” in his new series. However, in an adult version. The series is about eight seriously ill teenagers who tell each other scary stories so that their time in the hospital will be less frightening. But they soon realize that things are happening in the real world that aren’t entirely plausible.

For fans of: Sophisticated horror that has no problem being a metaphor for real fears.
Alternatives: Haunted Hill House, Curon, The Babadook

The Empty Man (Disney+)

Disney+: The empty man

Disney+: A sinister creature is the focus of The Empty Man.

Source: 20 Century Studios

Not many horror movies have managed to divide critics and audiences like The Empty Man. Some consider the film, which lasts more than two hours, to be far too confused and illogical, while others praise its demanding story and dark atmosphere. In the film, former police officer James Lasombra goes in search of a missing girl. He comes across a cult that wants to summon a supernatural being and does not shy away from murder.

For fans of: Folk horror and stories that take their time instead of bringing one shock effect after the other.
Alternatives: The Ritual, Sinister, The Shining

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Morbius (Sky/Wow)

No, we’re serious! Finally, Halloween is also the best time of year to see movies that fall into “so bad it’s good again” territory. So does this attempt by Sony to make one of the many Spider-Man characters they have access to be part of a Sony Cinematic Spiderverse. Michael Morbius is a brilliant scientist who suffers from a rare blood disorder. In his quest for a cure, he experiments with vampire bats and eventually turns into a bloodsucker himself. Can Michael quench his thirst for blood? And is he the only one who drank the vampire serum?

For fans of: Films that would like to be good, but don’t make it, and are all the funnier for that.
Alternatives: Werewolf by Night, Blade, Venom