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Of: Omer Kayali

Fallout: New Vegas on PC will be free for Prime users in November. © Bethesda

Amazon Prime customers can again look forward to many free games for the PC in November. This time, among other things, “Fallout: New Vegas” is there.

In 1997 the very first Fallout game was released. This year, the popular role-playing series is celebrating its 25th anniversary. To mark the occasion, Amazon is giving all Prime subscribers “Fallout: New Vegas” in November – for many fans this is considered the best part of the series. A few other titles are also available for free via Prime Gaming in November.

Fallout: New Vegas and more games for free at Prime Gaming

Amazon Prime subscribers get the games at no additional cost. The free content is all on the Prime Gaming website listed. With just a few clicks, the free games end up in the games library as a PC version and you can download, install and play them at any time. Starting November 1st, the following games will be free for Prime users:

  • “Fallout: New Vegas – Ultimate Edition”
  • “Etherborne”
  • Facility 47
  • “Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade”
  • “Last Day of June”
  • “Whispering Willows”
  • “WRC 9”

As usual, Prime Gaming subscribers can also get some in-game bonuses. This includes bundles, skins and bonuses in games like Dead by Daylight, GTA Online, Minecraft Dungeons, Apex Legends, Fall Guys, FIFA 23 and many more.

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This is what Fallout: New Vegas is all about

Fallout: New Vegas was released in 2010. Visually it looks like an expansion for Fallout 3, but it’s a completely standalone game. As usual for the series, players will roam a post-apocalyptic America devastated by a nuclear catastrophe. The setting is “New Vegas” and the Mojave Desert, where various factions are in conflict with each other. Players can complete missions for all factions and make choices throughout the game that affect how the main story unfolds. Even if the graphics are a bit outdated in the meantime, the title is highly recommended, especially for role-playing fans, due to its large scope. There are also numerous mods and unofficial Unreal Engine 5 remakes available on the web thanks to many passionate gamers.