Only €2.84 on PS Store, don’t miss out on this horror hit on PS4

Outlast is currently on sale on the PS Store.

Outlast is currently on sale on the PS Store.

Suitable for Halloween, you can currently grab a horror hit in the PS Store at a bargain price: It’s about the PS4 version of Outlast, which you can currently get for less than 3 euros. And if you like hiding in lockers from bald doctors who want to cut you in half with rusty scissors, you shouldn’t miss this title.

The offer at a glance:

  • Game: Outlast for PS4
  • Price: 2.84 euros (previously 18.99 euros, i.e. 85% reduced)
  • Reduced to: November 3, 2022

Even more outload reduced: You can also currently get the Outlast DLC Whistleblower for 1.34 euros. Also reduced is the sequel Outlast 2 (4.49 euros), which is on Metacritic with 68 points for the PS4 version, however, did not do quite as well as the debut.

This is what Outlast is all about

You can get a first impression of Outlast in the trailer below:

Outlast - PS4 version launch trailer


Outlast – PS4 version launch trailer

That’s what it’s about: In the remote “Mount Massive” institution, patients were treated in camera for years, in order to carry out experiments on them and ultimately drive them insane. As journalist Miles, we set out to get to the bottom of the matter. Always with the camera in front of our eyes, we explore the seedy walls of the institution, meet all kinds of grotesque creatures there – and fight for bare survival.

With a playing time of around 4 hours, Outlast is not a particularly long horror adventure, but it is a particularly nerve-wracking one. The brilliant soundtrack, the background music, the creepy characters and the dark atmosphere, which is carried by the special camera perspective, are guaranteed to strangle you and ensure an unforgettable horror experience.

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More exciting Halloween horror games:

Or should it rather be a mystery? You can also download The Vanishing of Ethan Carter from the PS Store for €2.85 until November 3, 2022 if you’re looking for a mystery rather than a horror game for Halloween.

Will you download Outlast? Which horror games are you currently playing, or which ones have you planned?