Pokémon GO: All events in November 2022 – dates and bonuses

Pokémon GO: All events in November 2022 – dates and bonuses

All events in November at Pokémon GO in the overview with dates and details. We show you all known bonuses and which events are particularly worthwhile.

What does the overview show? Niantic announced which events are coming in November 2022. In our overview we show you the themed events, raid bosses, spotlight hours, community days and the research breakthrough in November.

We will update this overview regularly as soon as new information about future events is published.

All events in November 2022 at a glance

Five spotlight hours and two community days await you again in November. In the overview we list all the events and below that we go into the dates that could be worthwhile.

date events
November 1st
until December 1st
research breakthrough with
Starmie + Star Piece
November 1st
until November 2nd
Dia de Muertos 2022
November 1st Limelight Hour with
Dusk (Event Crown)* + Catch Stardust
November 2 raid hour with
Giratina in its original form*
November 3rd
until November 10th
PvP: Hyper League
and Willpower Cup
November 5th Community Day Classic with
November 6th PvP: GO Battle Day with Miltank
Until November 8th 5er Raids with Giratina (original form)*
Our counter guide for Giratina (original form)
Until November 8th Mega Raids with Mega Banette*
Our counter-guide for mega-banettes
November 8th
until November 23rd
5er raids with
November 8th
until November 23rd
Mega Raids with Mega Gyarados
Our counter guide against Mega Gyarados
November 8th Limelight Hour with
Glibuncle* and Fang EXP
November 9th raid hour with
November 9th
until November 17th
Event: Greedy Gluttons
November 10th
until November 17th
PvP: Hyper League +
Hyper Premier
November 12th Community Day with Teddiursa
November 13th Event: Top Raids
14th November
until November 17th
Event: Team GO Rocket Takeover
15th of November Limelight Hour with
Porygon* and Fang Candy
November 16th raid hour with
November 17th
until November 24th
PvP: Master League with Stardust Bonus +
Element Cup Remix
November 18
until November 20th
Safari Zone in Singapore
22nd of November Limelight Hour with
Lilminip and mail-order candies
November 23 raid hour with
November 23
until November 28th
Event: Astral Eclipse
November 23
until December 1st
5er raids with Anego
November 23
until December 1st
Mega Raids with Mega Dogemon
Our Mega Dogemon counter guide
November 24th
until December 1st
PvP: Master League with Stardust Bonus +
Fang Cup: Year of Light Edition
November 27th Previously unknown event from 11:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m
November 29th Limelight Hour with
Hoothoot and Development XP
30th of November raid hour with
Pokemon with a star

are marked, with luck you can find them as Shiny

Which events are particularly worthwhile in November 2022? These can be worthwhile:

  • Although the details for some events are still missing, the announcements already show which dates can be good. Community Day Classic (November 5):
  • One event that is definitely worth attending is the Community Day Classic. It brings the Pokémon Dratini from the first generation to the fore. Participating in the event is so important because you can get powerful attackers there for your collection. Dragonite has a permanent place in the attacker line-up as a Dragon Pokémon for many trainers.
  • Raids with Schlingking: The new ultra beast should be interesting for many collectors. It belongs to the Dark and Dragon types and comes from the seventh generation of the game. It will probably become available with the Greedy Gluttons event and the raids will start in Germany on November 9th.
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The Rocket Takeover (November 14): These events are always exciting. The Crypto Pokémon that you can catch often change. You can usually let the cryptos forget the frustration attack at these events and teach them stronger attacks instead.

As soon as there are more details about the upcoming events, we can better assess which ones are really worthwhile and where you should set the priorities.

Have you already found a favorite at the upcoming events that you absolutely want to be part of? Let us know what you think about it here on MeinMMO in the comments.