PS Plus Extra/Premium in November 2022: The new games will be revealed on this day

PS Plus September 2022: This is how much space the new essential games take up on your PS4/PS5

That’s the date for the PS Plus Extra and Premium games in November 2022.

The PlayStation Plus Essential games for the November lineup have been confirmed since last week. And PS Plus Extra and Premium members will soon be able to look forward to the announcement of fresh bonus titles as well. On this day, the extra and premium games for November 2022 are expected to be unveiled.

  • Estimated date: Wednesday November 9, 2022*
  • expected time: 5:30 p.m. (German time)**
  • When will the new games be available? Tuesday, the November 15, 2022

*Where does this date come from? The new PS Plus Extra/Premium titles have always been announced on the second Wednesday of the month and released on the following Tuesday for the past few months (except September). This results in a system similar to PS Plus Essential, which goes live on the first Tuesday of the month and is announced the Wednesday before.

**17:30 watch is Sony’s traditional time for revealing new PS Plus games.

As always, GamePro will inform you about the new games on November 9th.

Leaks on the extra and premium line-up Incidentally, there is no such thing as November 2022 yet.

All games on PS Plus Extra and Premium: And in this separate GamePro list you will find an overview of all bonus games that you get with Extra and Premium.

These are the PS Plus Essential games for November 2022

Starting tomorrow, Tuesday, November 1, 2022, you can download the following new bonus titles with the Essential subscription at no additional cost:

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Nioh 2 - First gameplay with new yokai + abilities in the trailer


Nioh 2 – First gameplay with new yokai & abilities in the trailer

This month’s highlight is Team Ninja’s action-RPG Nioh 2, which you can check out in the trailer above. The samurai adventure walks in the playful footsteps of FromSoftware’s games like Dark Souls and Co. and thus offers a crisp but extremely rewarding gaming experience.

Which games do you wish for PS Plus Extra and Premium in November 2022?