Shitstorm after Henry Cavill left The Witcher

Season 4 and 5 of The Witcher will probably be shot back-to-back.

Henry Cavills Days as Witcher Geralt in the Netflix series The Witcher are counted. The actor announced last Saturday that he will no longer perform his role after the upcoming third season and the baton to his colleagues Liam Hemsworth gives. After Cavill’s dedication to the role years earlier, this news comes as a complete shock to fans. Many are now expressing their sadness and frustration at the announcement of his exit online.

Cavill leaves and fans are mad

Cavill’s commitment to the role of Geralt was praised not only by the newcomers, but also by some of the original’s longtime fans. The shocking news of his departure has accordingly upset many. Fans vented their anger online – on Twitter, the mood was bad as always and bordered on rioting, so that #Witcher was catapulted to the top of the trending list in no time at all.

Kinfolklorepod writes for example on Twitter: “I don’t mean to offend Hemsworth. But this is very disappointing news. Henry Cavill is a great Geralt because he understands and brings to life a character that is often confusing.” The opinions of other fans are similar. Many also comment that after season three they will be with Cavill are no longer interested in continuing the series.

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Conspiracies are raised

Soon the discussion wasn’t just about Cavill’s departure from the series. rumors and conspiracies have been raised, which may have prompted the actor, an outspoken mega-fan of the Witcher franchise, to step down from a role he once played “dream come true” designated. Only recently, according to some reports, has it been claimed that some Creators of the Netflix series didn’t appreciate the template material.

Cavill is said to have been unhappy with the direction the series was taking. Already after Season 1, he advocated making changes to the script so that he Play Geralt according to his requirements could. writes about it ariel on twitter:

“Henry Cavill leaving The Witcher after begging Netflix for the role and being the biggest fan of the series makes the report that the authors hate the books seem all the more plausible. They kicked that man off the series. That is Sick.”

Cavill would rather be Superman

However, it is more plausible that Henry Cavill simply got better and more lucrative offers. He’s only recently answered the call of Warner Bros. Discovery and slipped back into his iconic Superman suit for a brief Appearance as Man of Steel in Black Adam to be completed.