Situation at Medimax on 31.10. – How about supplies?

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Of: Noah Struthoff

At Medimax there are always fresh PS5 from Sony. There has been radio silence here for a few weeks. When will there be refills?

Hamburg – Medimax is one of the smaller PS5 providers in Germany and yet the dealer often surprises with drops that remain active for several hours. With a little persistence, you can dust off a Sony console quite well here. However, there hasn’t been any news about drops for a few weeks. When can you expect supplies from Medimax?

Console name PlayStation 5 (PS5)
Manufacturer Sony Interactive Entertainment (YOU)
Type Stationary game console
generation 09th console generation
storage medium Blu Ray, SSD
release November 19, 2020

Buy PS5 from Medimax: This is how the drop chances are at the dealer

When was the last replenishment at Medimax? At Medimax there was a double drop recently. A few consoles were sold here on October 7th and October 11th. The drops traditionally lasted several hours and were unlocked one drop at a time. Since then, Medimax has become quiet. Here are the important links for buying consoles from Medimax:

When could new supplies come? Medimax is quite a surprise bag. Sometimes there is no replenishment for months and then the dealer suddenly drops twice. Nevertheless, Medimax is a smaller retailer and it is considered unlikely that there will be any more supplies in October. From the beginning of November, however, Medimax should be significantly hotter again.

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Buy PS5 at Medimax: location on 23.10. – When is the next drop coming? © MediMax/Sony/Unsplash

Buy PS5: Tips and tricks for buying a console from Medimax

You need to know: Drops at Medimax are held drop by drop. This means that smaller quantities of the console will be made available online and you can gradually buy them. But that also means that drops here usually last several hours. So it pays to stay tuned in and update the PS5 product page regularly.

So that you don’t miss a drop in Germany, we recommend our live ticker on “Buy PS5”. There we inform you about all sales and discount campaigns around the console.

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