Steel Division 2 eSport: Simulated Divisions League Season 9 starts – News

Steel Division 2 eSport: Simulated Divisions League Season 9 starts - News

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The real-time tactics game Steel Division 2 (review article “Community and DLC”) also continues to be popular in eSports (in the user article “Steel Division 2: eSport 2022). Yesterday on the official Simulated Divisions League twitch channel by one of the organizers protos gameras well as the guests ElBowser, volcano and GreenHDanother organiser, drew lots for the groups.

This resulted in a reorganization of the league structure. The number of divisions has been reduced from five to four, with 16 eSports players in each of four groups in the lower divisions. In the first division, the eight best players are divided into two groups. After the group phase follows the KO phase.

Among the most famous names in the First Division belong to the record champion gonzo as well as the multiple finalist Onord. In the Second divisions play well-known names like ElBowser, Farid Rommelthe German P.Uri.TannerGreenHD, Babaryan and the launcher Stardekk.

the Third division is with players like fine, MK Ultra or soap, who recently drew attention to himself with an unchallenged tournament victory, has a top-class cast. Group D is particularly exciting, with Hobotango, Badger jelly, volcano and attack power gaming not only measure very good players, but also content creators. In group C is GG-User Vampiro represented, who was flushed into the third division as part of the new league structure and will thus nominally compete again in a higher division (previously 5, 5, 4) and will fight vigorously against relegation. In the Fourth Division there are not only new names, but also well-known and experienced faces such as Squurrolwho certainly have a good chance of earning a top position.

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If you are interested in the games, you will be able to watch numerous casts on Twitch and Youtube. If you would like to become part of the SD2 community yourself, the user article “Steel Division 2: Community & DLC” will give you an initial overview. By the way, the Simulated Divisions League (SDL) is currently creating own websitewhich contains all the information that has been published so far, among other things, in youtube and found on Discord collects. Not only Steel Division 2 is covered, but also, for example Warno (in the game check) and Nebulous – Fleet Command.