Test Drive Unlimited Solar Crown: Racing game shouldn’t be a Forza clone – News

Test Drive Unlimited Solar Crown: Racing game shouldn't be a Forza clone - News

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fans of the test drive – series has been waiting eleven years for a new game of the time-honoured series, which has been a recurring part of the video and computer game landscape since 1987. Creative Director Alain Jarniou gave the site RacingGames recently some new glimpses of the upcoming postponed to 2023, Test Drive Unlimited Solar Crown.

Accordingly, the racing game should be clear of the top dog Forza Horizon demarcate Already the first Test Drive Unlimited from 2006 took place in an open world and also created the blueprint for Microsoft’s arcade racer and its relatively unrivaled triumph over the last decade. The new Test Drive will also be based on this basic principle. But that should end the risk of confusion. This is how the Kylotonn team wants to create a real sense of progression. New cars in the garage are not gifted to you or given as a bonus for missions. Every vehicle has to be bought from the car dealer and thus really earned.

The developer admits that the total number of cars available in Test Drive Unlimited Solar Crown will be lower than the garage of hundreds in the Horizon series. However, all equipment options and body colors correspond exactly to their real-world counterparts. In terms of controls, you can expect arcade style. This should still be more realistic than competing titles and, above all, allow you to clearly distinguish between the driving behavior of the individual cars.

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The game world will be a 30 square kilometer replica of Hong Kong Island and will be significantly smaller than in its own predecessors. However, the experience should be more varied, less generic and, above all, a 1:1 replica of the real environment. However, Jarniou admits that, for gameplay reasons, changes compared to the original, such as additional roads, have of course been integrated.

The developer leaves it open to what extent you can compete in races and what types there are at all. Overall, KT Racing aims more to give you the joy of driving unique cars in a unique landscape than to emphasize a competitive character.