The Witcher 4: Henry Cavill stops – what could be the reason?

The Witcher Staffel 2 Ende erklärt

Fans of the popular fantasy series The Witcher must now be strong: Henry Cavill has his exit from the series announced. The popular actor of Witcher Geralt of Rivia leaves after season 3 surprisingly the Netflix-Series.

His successor has already been determined: Liam Hemsworththe younger brother of Thor actor Chris Hemsworth, takes over from the 4th season the part as the eponymous Witcher in the popular series after the Books by Andrzej Sapkowskiwhich is also used as a template for the acclaimed game series from CD Projekt RED served.

Henry Cavill did not give any reasons for his exit in his personal message to the many Witcher fans. We don’t hesitate to delve into the possible reasons for his exit.

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Reason 1: Superman Returns in the DCEU

The main reason for his exit is probably the official confirmation just a few days earlier: Henry Cavill’s return to the DC cinematic universe as Superman. According to initial information, there are several appearances by the DC hero, including one own film series planned by the Warner Bros. studio.

With that he should hardly have any timeat the same time also for them lavish production of the Netflix series standing in front of the camera always become this a few months of shooting time estimated.

On top of that, coinciding with the announcement of his return as Superman, a Replacement for the new Witcher cast member is certain, so that everyone involved behind the scenes was probably included in the decision – regardless of what the many fans think of the matter.

It should also be noted that Henry Cavill continues to make films independently of the Witcher series, he will soon be on Netflix Enola Holmes sequel With Stranger Things star Millie Bobby Brown than her brilliant brother sherlock to see.

Reason 2: Growing criticism of the implementation of the series?

Another possible reason is currently doing the rounds, of course not entirely excluded can be, but would not weigh so heavily to explain an exit: We are talking about Henry Cavill’s growing criticism to the series makers who, in his opinion, are themselves remove more and more from the book template.

Certainly it’s difficult for the makers of the Witcher series to do justice to both fans of the game series and connoisseurs of the books – and at the same time accommodate their own ideas. Some Critics of the series complained for example, that the witcher was less and less the focus in the second season, instead Ciri’s education and career, which is also an important point.

Showrunner Lauren S. Hissrich kept emphasizing that from the start it was the Superman actor who came straight to them to get the Role of Geralt of Rivia to obtain. In addition, should Cavill strong in the further contributed to the development of the series have to do justice to the role as portrayed in Andrzej Sapkowski’s books as well as in the video games.

Reason 3: Will Henry Cavill become the new Bond actor?

Another aspect – albeit rather unlikely – for the possible exit from the series is that Henry Cavill currently as the new Bond actor is often discussed.

Studio MGM is currently looking for one new main character for its popular and longstanding agent rowafter this Daniel Craig as the last 007 secret agent Her Majesty retired – or something like that, after all, the ending of the last film, No Time To Die, leaves some questions about Bond’s future unanswered.

Nevertheless, the film studio is currently located on the Search for a successor, which follows in the rather large footsteps of 007, from Sean Connery to Roger Moore and Daniel Craig as the last Bond actor. When a decision will be made here is still completely open.

This is how The Witcher continues

Anyway, until we see Liam Hemsworth as the new witcher, fans can look forward to the prequel series for now The Witcher: Blood Origin look forward to the December 25, 2022 on Netflix will be seen.

Probably next year in summer is it then with the 3rd season of the Witcher series and Henry Cavill’s farewell performance further. We can be curious if and how his departure will be explained in the series.

Meanwhile, game fans are allowed to other Witcher titles from the witcher saga, as Studio CD Projekt RED recently confirmed.

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