The Witcher without Henry Cavill? From season 4 bitter reality

The character models look like a B-movie compared to the cinematic look of The Witcher 2 and especially The Witcher 3.

While everyone is currently talking about Lord of the Rings: Rings of Power and Game of Thrones: House of the Dragon, the most popular fantasy series of the last few years has been (at least in our filter bubble) The Witcher. The film adaptation of the game series was able to score above all with its main actor. Henry Cavill, previously best known for his role as Superman, embodied Geralt of Rivia in such an impressive way that it is difficult to imagine any other actor in the role of the witcher.

Unfortunately, that is exactly what will happen now. As Henry Cavill and Netflix announced in parallel, Superman’s journey as The Witcher ends after season three. This will appear next summer 2023 and thus represent the conclusion of Henry Cavill. A fourth season is still planned. And again, Geralt von Rivia will be the main character, but then played by another Hollywood great.