Twitter: Elon Musk apparently wants verified accounts to subscribe


from Sebastian Glanzer
After buying Twitter for 44 billion dollars, Elon Musk immediately lets actions speak and has many ideas for new Twitter features and changes to existing systems. For example, verified accounts should be given a 90-day deadline to retain their $20 subscription status.

After it became known that Elon Musk is now buying Twitter for $44 billion, the billionaire wasted no time in taking the first steps to turn the microblogging service company upside down. There are currently some rumors about the number of employees Musk wants to fire or adventurous modes for the social media platform like one PvP mode between accounts.

As the authors of The Verge have learned, one change is already certain: the verification of accounts will soon cost money. Currently, Twitter users can request verification of their account for free, with successful requests resulting in a large blue tick on the account. Verified Twitter accounts are typically given to socialites, celebrities, corporations, and other influential people in the community.

$20 to appear as a verified account?

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Twitter monetization is very important to Elon Musk. Previously, verification for Twitter accounts was free. According to information from The Verge Musk plans to launch a brand new Twitter-Subscriptions, which is said to cost users $19.99 per month. This revamps the currently optional Twitter Blue subscription, which currently costs $4.99 per month, into a more expensive service.

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