WoW: The bitching helped – you saved the silver dragon

WoW: The bitching helped - you saved the silver dragon

Sometimes it helps to complain. The World of Warcraft community was able to save something that had endured for 18 years: the silver dragon.

A few weeks ago we reported that World of Warcraft was saying goodbye to one of the most well-known and popular interface elements: the silver dragon. The outcry from the community was huge and Blizzard quickly gave in. In the latest version of the Dragonflight beta, the silver dragon is back, bringing the charm of yesteryear to the rare enemies.

What is the silver dragon? The “Silver Dragon” is an interface element that has been around since the very early days of World of Warcraft. A “rare spawn” was marked on the enemy’s nameplate – i.e. an enemy that rarely occurs in the game world and therefore has a long respawn time of hours or even days. So it was clear at first glance: This is a special opponent who comes up with special loot.

However, with the revision of the interface in patch 10.0, the silver dragon was removed. Special enemies can now only be recognized by a small star marking, which many do not even notice.

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What happened now? In the latest build of the Dragonflight beta, the silver dragon is back, and at least it’s back as part of the interface elements. It was optically revised and now has a significantly higher resolution compared to the “old” kite, which was now 18 years old. It is not yet clear whether the “new” silver dragon will be an additional option or the new “standard” in the future. However, it’s probably a good sign that the silver dragon is back in the game data – so it’s likely to be used again in the future.

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Here’s how the community is reacting: This small detail change is discussed in detail in the World of Warcraft subreddit and is almost always positively received. There were more than 3,000 upvotes for the thread, with a whopping 97% positive approval. Some of the comments on this are:

  • “Wow, Blizzard listens to the community instead of pushing their own ideas that nobody liked? I am impressed. Maybe this will be a good expansion after all.”
  • “Thank you, Elune! The little star icon on the enemy portrait was so easy to miss… and so boring.”
  • “It was weird anyway, removing a dragon in a dragon expansion.”

This is one of many examples of World of Warcraft developers listening to the community and rolling back unwanted changes over the past few months. It is to be hoped that the trend will continue after the release of Dragonflight.

If you want more of the “old interface” back, we’ve got this for you.