7 vs. Wild Season 2: Almost 400,000 people watched live, that’s how the suspension went

7 vs. Wild Staffel 2 Aussetzung

Finally the time has come. Fans have been waiting for the first episode of the second season 7 vs Wild feverishly and here she is. the live premiere was a complete success. With the title “The Suspension” starts the hyped project of founder Fritz Meinecke Panama.

7 vs. Wild: Almost 400,000 people attended Premiere

For months, the fans on the Start of the second season 7 vs. Wild serviced. On Saturday evening it was time. The premiere of the started at 6 p.m first episode on YouTube. The live chat viewers were already active in the chat 24 hours before the premiere was set up. An hour before the broadcast it was already over 20,000 fanswho have been waiting for the start.

But that’s nothing against them nearly 400,000 people, who sat in front of their screens at the same time as the episode aired. The chat was almost unreadable because so many people were chatting at the same time. At this premiere, one can true success to be spoken.

Suspension starts by jumping out of the helicopter

The first episode deals exclusively the suspension of the candidates and immediately follows the second episode of the Behind the Scenes series on. As many had already suspected, the participants were helicopters flown to their spots.

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From this they had to, however jump into the sea and on land swim. Your items have already been in their respective places. All are in the first moments of arrival speechless. Be it because of the overwhelming impressions or the effort of swimming.

While Knossi needs a longer break from swimming Sascha quickly panic wide: “Crap! where are the palm trees There isn’t a single palm tree!’. Joris, Fritz, Otto, Sabrina and Nova are enthusiastic about the location and start to orient oneself.

We can be curious how it will continue. Some impressions were shown at the end. The apparently deepest lows of all candidates. It remains excitingwho can and will stay for how long.


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