Boxing match ends in chaos – “Absolutely embarrassing show”

Jounes Amiri vs. Jaluce face to face at Universum Boxing

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Of: Noah Struthoff

The fight between Jaluce and Jounis Amiri was to be one of the highlights of Universum Fight Night. The fight ended in wild brawls and chaos.

Oberhausen – The Universum Fight Night 6 had another influencer fight to offer in addition to the main fight of Sinan-G and Mo Abdallah. TikToker Jaluce met YouTuber Jounis Amiri. However, the fight had to be stopped and sank into total chaos. what happened there?

events boxing match
challenger Sinan G
Followers on Instagram 405,000 (as of November 2022)
Monthly listeners Spotify 162,100 (as of March 2022)
fight date November 05, 2022
live stream on YouTube

Jaluce vs. Jounis Amiri: Chaos in the boxing match – abandonment and brawl

What happened? The fight between Jaluce and Jounis Amiri started energetically and it quickly became apparent that Jounis Amiri had clear advantages. Jaluce’s technique was poor at best and the TikToker was sent out in the first round. He recovered a bit from that, but the coming laps didn’t get any better either.

As the match progressed, things got wilder and wilder. Jaluce clung several times and literally held his opponent tight. Both ended up on the ropes and there Jaluce held Jounis Amiri’s arm so long that he even kicked him. As a result, supervisors from both sides jumped into the ring and wanted to separate the boxers.

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Then a big shove broke out in the ring and one of Jaluce’s supervisors got a loud slap in the face. As a result, more and more people got into the ring and the two boxers quickly left the scene. Meanwhile, a few people who had no business in this area were fighting next to the ring.

How did the fight end? After a few minutes of aimlessness, both boxers found themselves back in the ring. Jaluce even disappeared into the arena’s catacombs beforehand. Without boxing gloves, he then grabbed a microphone and announced the end of the fight. Above all, he would have fought for his brother and not prepared himself sufficiently. He offered Jounis Amiri a rematch and then exited the ring to a cheer from the crowd.

Jaluce vs. Jounis Amiri: boxing match ends in chaos – “Absolutely embarrassing show” © Universum Boxing

Jaluce vs. Jounis Amiri: Commentator finds clear words – “Absolutely embarrassing show”

The commenter said: Ring commentator and boxing influencer Ringlife found clear words for Jaluce’s chaos and action after the fight. So he called the whole thing an “absolutely embarrassing show” and he hopes that Jaluce will not host a rematch either. He made a fool of himself and should rather keep his hands off boxing.

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