Dr. Disrespect uninstalls Modern Warfare II mid-stream

Dr. Disrespect uninstalls Modern Warfare II mid-stream

It’s safe to say that the recent release of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II hasn’t been all smooth sailing. A lot of errors and problems that still need to be corrected, among other things, make many of us uncomfortable when playing.

Adding insult to injury, we now have one of the most famous and iconic Call of Duty streamers, Dr. Disrespect, leaving the live stream and proceeding to uninstall Modern Warfare 2 to play Overwatch 2 instead so he can “have fun.” a little”.

As you can see below, Dr. Disrespect is clearly not happy with the latest Call of Duty title, which is surprising given its nature synonymous with intellectual property. Interestingly, in other videos, the well-known streamer has gone on record as citing many problems with gambling.

Specifically, Dr. Disrespect takes aim at Modern Warfare 2’s low time-to-kill (TTK), which he believes encourages campers to do what they do best: camp out in a corner while shooting those running toward the objective. Also, he’s also not happy about the recently implemented skill-based matchmaking (SBMM), which has been a hot topic of conversation among Call of Duty fans right now.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II is now available for consoles and PC. You can read our review at this link.


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