Infuse Guild Wars 2 Rings – Here’s how

Guild Wars 2 Infuse Rings

Torment resistance plays an important role in Guild Wars 2’s fractals. To get the maximum resistance, you should infuse your rings. How exactly this works, we reveal in this guide.

How do you infuse a ring? To infuse an Ascended Ring, you must place it in the Mystic Forge along with the following items:

  • 5 vials of condensed mist essence
  • 3 chunks of Coagulated Mist Essence
  • 1 shard of crystallized mist essence

It is important to note that the original ring only has one place for an infusion. With the infusion comes the second place.

The three ingredients and the ring must be thrown into the Mystic Forge.

Where do you get the Mist Essence from? Basically you get the mist essences in the fractals. The vials of condensed mist essence are available from the fractal vendor for 32 silver and 30 fractal relics. They can also be dropped by enemies on difficulty levels 1 to 20.

Chunks of Congealed Mist Essence can be purchased for 96 Silver and 100 Fractal Relics, or dropped by enemies at Fractal Levels 21-50.

The Shard of Crystalized Mist Essence costs 2.88 gold and 300 Fractal Relics or can be dropped by enemies on difficulty levels 51-100.

In addition, the various essences can be upgraded or downgraded.

Upgrade and downgrade mist essences

How can I down- or upgrade essences? If you have more of one of the essences than you actually need, but something is missing from the other essence, you can either upgrade or downgrade it.

To upgrade an essence you need:

  • 5x lower Essences
  • 1x Pile of Crystalline Dust
  • 1x ectoplasm ball
  • 1x Mystic Coin
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To evaluate you need:

  • 1x higher essence
  • 1x Pile of Crystalline Dust
  • 1x Mystic Coin
  • 1x Masterwork Salvage Kit (Full with 25 uses)

However, if you degrade an essence, you only get back the lower essence three times.

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Why do you infuse rings? Infusing creates another Torment Infusion slot. You can use this space to gain more torment resistance. This is mandatory for fractals in the highest levels.

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