A Plague Tale: Requiem – How to get the crossbow in action-adventure

A Plague Tale: Requiem - How to get the crossbow in action-adventure

In action-adventure A Plague Tale: Requiem you can accompany Amicia and her little brother Hugo on a new adventure. Of course, wait here again all kinds of dangers on the two, but fortunately you can now meet the opponents with new tricks, such as a crossbow.

In our little guide we tell you when you this weapon add to your arsenal.

The crossbow is a powerful weapon in A Plague Tale: Requiem

In order to use the Reasoning Booster, you must first some hours of play invest. You are only allowed to shoot with the crossbow for the first time in Chapter 5 Troubled waters. Initially, the weapon is still a stationary gun after a boat, but it doesn’t stay that way.

After a fairly leisurely introduction to the chapter, enemy troops will hunt down Amicia & Co. During this sequence you can use the turret serve for the first timeto kill enemies. Although everything looks fine at first, the boat is pulled ashore with grappling hooks shortly afterwards.

Here the on-board gun breaks down and Amicia picks up the crossbow. From this point on you can actively use the weapon and you have to do it right away, because several enemies are after you. If you survived the situation, the weapon is in “A Plague Tale: Requiem” a permanent part of your arsenal.

It’s a powerful tool that pulls you out of some sticky situations can get out. You can even use it to take out opponents who are wearing a helmet. The crux of the matter: The ammunition (bolts) for the crossbow is few and far between and Amicia can only wear a little of it on her body.

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The crossbow is a powerful weapon in A Plague Tale: Requiem © Focus Home Interactive

For this reason, if possible, you should try on workbenches that Increase carrying capacity of crossbow ammunition. With an appropriate upgrade you can increase the number of bolts from two to five raise! A worthwhile investment that you should make if possible.

Beyond that, you should another upgrade for the crossbow or the bolts: With this you can strengthen the ammunition you fired and then collect againwhich greatly simplifies some otherwise troublesome situations.

What is the crossbow good for when not in combat?

So the crossbow is a true lifesaver in A Plague Tale: Requiem, but that’s limited not just the fights. Again and again you will also use the weapon in riddles have to use, you can combine the bolts with various objects in Amicia’s arsenal, such as Ignifer.

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So you’ve already noticed: The crossbow is an important new tool in your arsenal that will surely come to appreciate very quickly. Have fun!