ApoRed records uncomfortable video in front of old clothes container – “I’m a millionaire”

YouTuber ApoRed in front of a clothes container and a shopping cart

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Of: Josh Grossman

Youtuber ApoRed is back after the Miimii destruction videos. But with one of his latest videos, it only gets more embarrassing.

Hamburg – ApoRed speaks up on YouTube after a month of radio silence. As the year progressed, more and more details were uncovered that the swanky YouTuber wasn’t all that “super rich‘ is how he pretends to be. Now he directs an announcement to all “Goofys‘ demanding an apology from him for all his lies.

Full name Ahmad Nadim Ahadi
Known as ApoRed
birthday March 12, 1994
Residence Istanbul, Turkey
Followers on YouTube 201,000 (as of October 2022)
Followers on Instagram 1.4 million (as of October 2022)

ApoRed shows up in front of a clothes container – announcement to all “Goofys”

What happened?Freshly styled“ shows ApoRed on a Rewe parking lot in Hamburg-Altona. Behind him – matching the outfit – an abandoned shopping trolley and bright red clothes containers. To his left, slightly out of frame, is a Miles car-sharing vehicle. Of course, the swanky YouTuber will not have chosen the location for his video without reason – he probably wants the viewers to jump into these details after he has concluded “I’m a millionaire‘ has drawn.

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“I’m a millionaire”: bankrupt YouTuber ApoRed shows off clothes containers © YouTube: ApoRed

In the eight-and-a-half-minute YouTube video, ApoRed explains that the flu stopped him from creating content and uses his recovery to “Goofys“ – that is, to those who don’t believe his lies – to push an announcement in. For him it is normal that “much rubbish above all rights‘, referring to MiiMii’s revelations about ApoRed. As “main character“ApoRed have been struggling with this for over ten years.

ApoRed: Fans demand an apology – There is “nothing to apologize for swanky YouTubers”

With the scams and lies exposed, many former fans of ApoRed are demanding at least one apology. According to the YouTuber, they require the “brutal, sincere, guilty, enlightening rabbit“. “I never played anything“ApoRed insists on his story.

ApoRed’s Insi mode, i.e. a legitimate insolvency scam, should continue to run. The fact that he cannot pay his debts is due to “miscalculations“, the “absolutely normal” be, “when you are dealing with such mega high sums and are so mega big at the start.A bankruptcy lawyer clarifies the question: “How long does ApoRed have to pay off its debts?”

“I have one thing that I really have to apologize for. […] My apologies here to my viewers and loyal bunnies for paying any attention to these goofys at all.”

For these reasons, ApoRed sees no reason for an apology. For him there is, apart from the fact that he has responded to his haters, “nothing to excuse“. The YouTuber no longer wants to respond to videos from MiiMii and Co. in the future, but ApoRed asks his fans not to rate his silence. For him, every person in Germany is rich anyway. Only the YouTuber knows whether ApoRed is referring to the generous prospect of being debt-free again in about eight years.

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ApoRed is a “millionaire” and “main character” – the internet laughs at him

These are the reactions: It doesn’t matter which platform you look for comments on. In quite a few Twitch reactions, TikToks, and in the comments of ApoRed’s video itself, they make people angry about the video and the “main character” fun. The praise for the fact that the YouTuber only needed one shot for the video is quickly dismissed – the assumption that he can no longer afford his editor is obvious to many.

We have included the video from ApoRed for you here. Others don’t care about the crimes behind ApoRed and are enthusiastic about the entertainment value of its content. The location of his video gives hope for a certain amount of self-mockery. However, only ApoRed himself can say whether his actions are a true, theatrical masterpiece or narcissism in the final stage.