Atomic Heart: release date of the crazy shooter revealed

Atomic Heart: release date of the crazy shooter revealed

from Michael Miskulin
Atomic Heart could conquer the hearts of some genre fans as a special first-person shooter. Because with its dystopian setting it is located somewhere between Bioshock, Doom, Stalker, Metro 2033 and Wolfenstein. Now developers and publishers have finally revealed the release date in a new trailer.

Some shooter lovers have been waiting a little longer for Atomic Heart. But now the release date of the crazy first-person shooter has finally been revealed. Developer Mundfish and publisher Focus Entertainment have confirmed the final release date next year with a new trailer.

Release date: When will Atomic Heart be released?

As the new trailer for Atomic Heart reveals, the insane first-person shooter will be released on February 21, 2023. The futuristic shooter has a reputation for feeling close to Soviet bioshock. Atomic Heart transports the player into a once utopian world where robots turn against their masters and mutant freaks take over. More specifically, it’s an alternate universe where, at the height of the Soviet Union, you take control of special agent P-3 assigned to investigate a research station after all communications are lost. It’s all presented in a certain low-fi aesthetic combined with insane action. A look at the trailer is therefore always worthwhile.

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Atomic Heart was originally launched back in 2018 with a tumultuous trailer. Even then, the surreal atmosphere was able to attract the attention of shooter fans. The graphics are based on Epic Games Unreal Engine 4 as a substructure. Atomic Heart will be available on PC, Playstation 5, Playstation 4, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One and Game Pass. The title can be downloaded on Steam already pre-order.

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