Ban on dancing causes embarrassing silence – stress with girlfriend Lola in the live stream

Twitch streamer ban on dancing and girlfriend quiteLola.  Between broken glass and a broken heart

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Of: Josh Grossman

Streamer Tanzban is proud of his relationship with his girlfriend Lola. But with a joke about getting to know her, he has now made a fool of himself.

Berlin – On Twitch, Tanzban and quiteLola can hardly be seen separately. The lovebirds haven’t made anything official, but the sight of the two volumes speaks for themselves. In the stream, Tanzban now explains how he was able to win Lola’s heart – and is so completely embarrassed. Lola is close to tears and fans have to endure the awkward silence between the two streamers.

Full name Killian Roberto Heinrich
Known as dancing ban
birthday February 08, 1997
Place of birth Berlin
Followers on Twitch 695,000 (as of October 2022)
Followers on YouTube 1,110,000 (as of October 2022)

Ban on dancing: Stress with Lola – Twitch stream falls into awkward silence

What happened? Tanzban and quiteLola are not officially a couple. But anyone who has watched the two on Twitch for more than 15 minutes will know that the opposite cannot be the case either. Holding hands and kissing, Tanzi and Lola do everything together. Travel to Amsterdam, Halloween makeup and everyday IRL streaming are all on the agenda. Lola is one of the 10 biggest streamers in Twitch Germany.

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But the idyll between the ban on dancing and Lola was torn up live on Twitch by a saying that has little to do with romance. A fan in the chat asks the streamer: “How did you manage to find a woman like Lola?“, and lays the foundation for the following minutes full of foreign shame – his girlfriend doesn’t find the answer from Tanzverbot funny at all.

Ban on dancing explains how he made it clear to Lola – This is how his girlfriend reacts

That’s what Tanzban said:Well, I have a million subscriptions to YouTube“, says the streamer lightly and brings out a nervous laugh – he already seems to suspect his mistake. A look at his girlfriend’s annoyed face gives him certainty. “Unpleasant‘ is the only thing Lola manages to get out before attempting to change the subject. Tanzban is devastated and insists he was only joking.

Tanzban proudly explains how he clarified girlfriend Lola – totally embarrassed © YouTube: Tanzban/Instagram: quiteLola/Unsplash (Montage)

Lola responds to the streamer’s displeasure with caring partnership. She fans herself, so she wants to dry her rolling tears. Stroking his arm, the streamer says to the ban on dancing: “I don’t think we have to talk about feelings on stream now, Kilian“. Even if he is visibly disappointed in himself, Lola and Tanzban manage to save the mood and do not end the stream despite the awkward silence. MontanaBlack talked about heartbreak and ex-girlfriends, so if you want to see feelings online, look no further than Monte.

Ban on dancing: Stupid saying brings Lola to tears – fans consider her a drama queen

The reactions: Tanzban has already deleted the clip from the Twitch stream and there is no longer access to the VoD from the stream either – one can only guess how the chat reacted. However, the clip is circulating on TikTok, so there are many comments about the awkward situation between Lola and the ban on dancing. “She made it uncomfortable at first“, writes a fan and sticks to Tanzi. We have included the clip for you here.

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Another comment noted that fans “Lola had a weird feeling from the start” had. The streamer should “in a passive-aggressive mood“ have been, says another of the top comments. However, Lola is also defended in the answers – some female fans think that they would have reacted in exactly the same way.

Many TikTok commenters are sure that Lola and Tanzban’s relationship won’t last long. OrangeMorange also foresees the relationship between Tanzban and Lola. However, one should not interfere too deeply in other people’s affairs and give the streamer couple a chance.