Banned on YouTube for 3 months – is the dragon game over?

Scandal YouTuber Drachenlord aka Rainer Winkler.  In the background his destroyed house in Emskirchen

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Of: Josh Grossman

The controversial content creator Drachenlord has been banned from YouTube and Co for more than 3 months now. Is the dragon game now finally over?

Emskirchen – It has become quiet around Rainer “Dragon Lord” Winkler. Drachenlord only has sporadic access to YouTube, TikTok and what feels like every other social network. The haters seem to have successfully pushed him off the internet. But what exactly is Drachenlord doing today and how has the relationship to the “dragon game” – as the haters call it – changed?

Surname: Rainer Winkler
Known as dragon lord
Date of birth Aug. 2, 1989
Place of birth Neustadt an der Aisch
Subscribers on YouTube 224,000 (By August 2022)

Drachenlord: That’s the scandalous influencer – 3 months after the YouTube ban

What is Drachenlord doing at the moment? Nobody can say exactly how Rainer Winkler is doing. However, it seems that his situation has not improved much. Pictures and videos of the destroyed Drachenlord house are circulating on Telegram and are reminiscent of a Lost Place that has been empty for decades – and not just since the middle of the year.

Drachenlord is apparently still homeless and can only communicate with his fans via constantly newly created TikTok accounts. There he posted a video of himself on October 17 – looking for a place to sleep in the forest. Comments are disabled so one can only imagine how fans and enemies will react. We have included the TikTok video for you here.

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However, he also brings content that is found food for his enemies. In a short TikTok, Dragonlord explains that he’s looking for a wife “do for kids” is. The awkward clip reminds haters why they’re pursuing the Dragon Lord in the first place.

In the past few months, the persecution by the haters has not abated. Apparently, the dragon lord is still being pursued at every step. Precise locations ensure that Dragonlord is harassed in cafes and nearby lodgings are warned. One can assume that with the falling hype, the number of haters will also fall – but there is no end in sight to the persecution.

Drachenlord: Further proceedings discontinued – haters call it “Winklerglück”

Further procedure set:make children“ the dragon lord wrote quite harmlessly on TikTok while publishing erotic violent fantasies in his – meanwhile deleted – blog. However, this procedure for “distributing violent or animal pornographic content” was discontinued again by his haters.

Dragonlord was banned from YouTube 3 months ago – what does he do now? © dpa: Daniel Karmann/Imago (montage)

On Telegram, the haters call it “Winklerglück” and are referring to the first court hearing of the dragon lord – Winkler got off lightly here too. Only Winkler can decide for himself whether more will be heard about the scandalous YouTuber in the future. However, after the past few months and “over 10 years of hate“, as he himself always emphasizes, think twice or three times.