Bet between Sascha Huber and Knossi – 10,000 euros are at stake

Knossi and Sascha make a bet on 7 vs Wild

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Of: Aileen Udovenko

Apparently Sascha Huber and Knossi got a little too involved in participating in the second season 7 vs. Wild. Between the two, 10,000 euros are now at stake.

Panama City – Season 2 of 7 vs. Wild has launched on YouTube. On Fritz Meinecke’s channel we will see over the next few weeks how the participants in the survival show did in the jungle. In advance, Knossi and Sascha have motivated themselves again for their stay on the island, because the two are betting for 10,000 euros. So the loser of the bet has to dig deep into his pocket.

title 7 vs Wild
episodes 16
producer Fritz Meineke
genre YouTube web series
format Survival challenge, bushcraft, wilderness
Subscribers on YouTube 2.14 million (as of November 2022)

7 vs. Wild: Knossi and Sascha make the jungle tasty – bet around €10,000

That happened: The second season of 7 vs. Wild starts this Saturday on Fritz Meinecke’s YouTube channel. But before that, fans can get a glimpse behind the scenes in the Behind the Scenes. In the last episode, all participants of the survival show were followed during their last 24 hours before being exposed in the jungle. The tension of the candidates could be clearly felt, but Knossi and Sascha still managed to motivate each other properly.

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This is the bet: Knossi and Sascha were judged by their competitors to be the most inexperienced participants, but it seems that this is precisely why the two want to prove what they really can do. In order to push themselves properly before heading into the jungle, the two self-proclaimed “brothers” quickly make a bet at breakfast. “The one who falls out first pays the other 10,000 euros”.

7 vs. Wild: Knossi and Sascha close jungle bet – loser pays €10,000 © YouTube/DAVE

These are the rules: When hitting it, the two streamer colleagues hesitate and adjust their bet a bit. “Imagine you get really sick, have a fever of 40 degrees. Let’s do everything but sickness”. Sascha is also very satisfied with Knossi’s suggestion to include everything except illnesses and injuries in the evaluation. Then the two streamers hug each other full of adrenaline. “Sascha, when the sun goes down, I’ll scream for you”.

7 vs. Wild: Suspension begins – Not all participants as motivated as Knossi

This is how Otto does it: Knossi and Sascha are visibly motivated to be exposed in the jungle, but not all candidates still seem so convinced of their participation in the survival show. Ironically, the favorite Ottogerd Karasch expresses serious concerns about his continuation at 7 vs. Wild. The ex-soldier complains of severe pain even before driving into the jungle.

Starting tomorrow, we’ll see how the bet between Knossi and Sascha and Otto’s pain really affect the second season of 7 vs. Wild. Then we even get to see two new episodes every week.