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Of: Henrik Jansen

ApoRed and Leon Machère made a big comeback on their YouTube channels. We’ll tell you which video of the two awaits you next.

Hamburg, Germany – The YouTuber duo consisting of Leon Machère and ApoRed are back again. After several years of abstinence, the YouTube team is making a big comeback to match the wintry CPM. The first videos went online on November 4th on the ApoRed and Leon Machère channels. According to ApoRed, 13 more will follow. We’ll show you which video will follow next.

Full name Ahmad Nadim Ahadi
Known as ApoRed
birthday March 12, 1994
Residence Istanbul, Turkey
Followers on YouTube 201,000 (as of October 2022)
Followers on Instagram 1.4 million (as of October 2022)

ApoRed and Leon Machère: MiiMii videos ignored – ApoRed wants to get going again with this video

prison and kebab shop: Six years ago, Leon Machère and ApoRed generated several million clicks on YouTube with their series “If you eggs”. On November 4th, the duo celebrated their comeback. A video appeared on the ApoRed channel in which he and Leon Machère tested the “worst” kebab in Hamburg together.

The video was received moderately by viewers. After one day, 13,000 likes are opposed to around 9,000 dislikes. It looks even worse with Leon Machères Upload 24 Hours in Jail. In the short film, ApoRed and Leon Machère pretend to break out of prison. The distribution of likes is 50:50 here.

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ApoRed and Leon Machère sighted on the Hamburg Cathedral – This video will be coming soon

ApoRed and Leon Machère on the cathedral: As announced by ApoRed in its “I am a millionaire” video, we will expect a total of 15 videos in the period from November to December. If you subtract the uploads from November 4th, we can expect 13 more videos from ApoRed.

ApoRed & Leon Machère: Big comeback – This video is next © Instagram: ApoRed

We already know what the next video will be. To coincide with the opening on November 4th, we were out and about at the Hamburger Winterdom. There we met both ApoRed and Leon Machère. We saw the two YouTubers filming at a “Hau-den-Lukas” stand. The upcoming video could therefore be about challenges on the Hamburger Dom.

There was also no sign of hostility from the other visitors. Although MiiMii did significant damage to ApoRed’s reputation, which even MontanaBlack couldn’t help but feel, dozens of teenagers flocked to the YouTubers to snag a photo with ApoRed or Leon Machère.