Chaos before and after the fight – dominance in the ring

Sinan-G and Mo Abdallah Side by Side in Universe Shirt.

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Of: Noah Struthoff

Sinan-G and Mo Abdallah faced each other in the 6th Universe Fight Night. The fight was accompanied by chaos on ringside, but the fight was clear.

Oberhausen – It was the big highlight of Universum Fight Night number 6. Rapper Sinan-G against martial artist Mo Abdallah. Both opponents clashed violently in advance and clarified their differences of opinion in the ring. The fight was clear, but the chaos around it was quite the opposite. We show you the highlights.

events boxing match
challenger Sinan G
Followers on Instagram 405,000 (as of November 2022)
Monthly listeners Spotify 162,100 (as of March 2022)
fight date November 05, 2022
live stream on YouTube

Sinan-G vs. Mo Abdallah: Chaos before the start – dominance in the ring

This is how it went before we started: The two opponents ran in with loud music and heated up the audience. But after that nothing happened, because the fight couldn’t start. Too many unauthorized persons were in the interior around the ring and blocked alleys. This is exactly why the boxers had to wait several minutes for the start.

Here’s how the fight went: Mo Abdallah dominated the fight from the first round. The difference in size and weight was clearly visible here. Sinan-G was knocked out three times already in round 1. But he was always able to recover from it.

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It all came to an end quickly in the second lap. Within a few seconds, Mo Abdallah sent his opponent onto the boards again and the towel was thrown out of the corner by Sinan-G. So the winner was decided very quickly.

Sinan-G vs Mo Abdallah: Chaos before and after the fight – dominance in the ring. © Instagram: Univsersumboxing/Mo_Abdallah/Unsplash (montage)

Sinan-G vs. Mo Abdallah: Chaos even after the fight – fans in the middle of the ring

Here’s how it went after the fight: Here, too, the event degenerated somewhat. Dozens of fans stormed the ring and wanted to take photos with the two boxers. The organizers tried desperately to kick some fans out of the ring, but it didn’t quite work.

The two boxers hugged after the fight and expressed respect for each other. If you want to see all the details about the event, have a look here: Sinan-G vs Mo Abdallah: Live ticker for the Universum Fight Night – THE big highlight is on