Could Baby Yoda get his own spin-off soon?

Could Baby Yoda get his own spin-off soon?

The Mandalorian not only offered Star Wars fans a safe haven in terms of quality in times of controversial cinema films, but also unleashed a cuddly character onto the internet. After all, a large number of Baby Yoda GIFs, corresponding memes and photos are still haunting the internet to this day. So why not use that to attract even more people to Disney Plus? Well, if current reports are to be believed, a spin-off about Baby Yoda, actually called Grogu, could be imminent.

“Grogu and Dust Bunnies”

The rumors are based on a social media post by the Italian Disney Plus accounts. In this way they had a project called “Grogu and Dust Bunnies” for the November 12th announced. The posts disappeared from the web a short time later, but the website was fast and was able to save the images. Comicbookmovie mentions the fact that one turns on such an announcement the “I am Groot” spin-off think of Marvel. But both sides emphasize that it will probably not be an “I am Groot”-style spin-off. Finally, for the title “Grogu and Dust Bunnies” there is the small but nice addition “Star Wars Zen“.

In other words, it tends to be one of numerous music videos that are produced under the Zen title. But this thesis was confirmed by Disney not yet. There has also been no marketing for this project so far. So it remains to be seen what fans can expect on November 12th. To release the third season of The Mandalorian it should definitely not be the case.

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