Destiny 2 nerfs two overpowered weapons a month ahead of schedule – they were just too powerful

Destiny 2 nerfs two overpowered weapons a month ahead of schedule - they were just too powerful

Two weapons can cause fear and terror in Destiny 2, but that may soon be over: Bungie has announced a nerf that will take effect next week.

What is nerfed? Like the Bungie Help channel via Twitter announced that the linear fusion rifles will be adjusted with a hotfix on November 08, 2022.

  • In PvP, the recoil flinch and the time to stabilize are increased
  • In addition, the aim assist cone is reduced for special ammunition
  • In PvE, on the other hand, the stabilization time is reduced

According to Bungie, these changes are a bit premature, because they were actually intended for the start of Season 19. It’s supposed to start on December 6, 2022 – now the nerf is due next Tuesday, a whole month earlier. More detailed patch notes will then follow.

But overall, the nerf should please many players in PvP in Destiny 2, because the linear fusion guns also include two weapons that are considered almost overpowering in PvP: the Lorentz drive and the Arbalest.

Are Lorentz Drive and Arbalest getting weaker now?

What are these weapons? Both the Lorenz Engine and the Arbalest are considered very powerful in Destiny 2 PvP – perhaps too powerful as this isn’t the first time the two weapons have been customized. The twitching of both weapons was increased as early as February 2022.

The Lorenz drive is affected

Still, Lorentz Drive and Arbalest could spread fear and terror in PvP. The accusation is mainly in the direction that, like snipers, they can cause very high damage, but without needing accuracy (via reddit).

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The aim assist was heavily criticized because the weapons would offer too much reward for too little skill (via reddit). “It’s about usability. Lorentz is a lot of easier to use than a sniper. Sniper rifles are still great, but few people get to use their full potential. Lorentz is great too, but most people can use its full potential with minimal effort,” one user summarizes (via reddit).

Destiny 2 Arbalest Specs
The Arbalest is also weakened

The discussion about the weapons has been going on for a long time. In December 2021, for example, a clip made the rounds in which the Lorentz drive apparently distributed kills without hitting.

Bungie now seems to want to work on such problems as quickly as possible and, among other things, is adjusting the strength of the aim assist of the linear fusion rifles. Is that enough to weaken the weapons in PvP? That should be evident from Tuesday at the latest, as soon as the adjustments are live.

What do you think of the change? Do you see the nerf positively, or do you like using the guns yourself? Tell us in the comments!