Disney game has 95% positive ratings on Steam – players compare it to Stardew Valley and Animal Crossing

Disney game has 95% positive ratings on Steam - players compare it to Stardew Valley and Animal Crossing

Disney Dreamlight Valley is currently in Early Access on Steam, but it already has 95% positive reviews. Players compare it to Stardew Valley and Animal Crossing in their reviews.

What is Disney Dreamlight Valley game? Disney Dreamlight Valley is an adventure game combined with a kind of “life simulation”. In the game, the player can complete tasks and explore the world. You will encounter well-known characters from Disney and Pixar films, such as WALL-E, Remy or Goofey.

What is Disney Dreamlight Valley about? “Dreamlight Valley” was a land where harmony reigned and the people known from Disney and Pixar films lived in peace.

One day, however, so-called “night thorns” grew, which caused memories to be forgotten and the residents to retreat to the “Dream Castle”. The player must now rediscover the stories of Dreamlight Valley and bring the magic back to the place.

We previously reported on Disney Dreamlight Valley as it left players desperate due to the lack of microtransactions in Early Access.

Here is the Disney Dreamlight Valley announcement trailer:

Disney Dreamlight Valley – Announcement Trailer

This is what awaits you in the game world of Dreamlight Valley

What is the gameplay like in Disney Dreamlight Valley? Within the Dreamlight Valley game world are the realms of various Disney characters. Puzzles and challenges await you in each area, with which you can bring the residents back.

You can befriend the characters and spend time with them. For example, you have the option to garden with WALLE-E or go fishing with Goofey.

Together with the characters, you set out to rebuild Dreamlight Valley. Various tools for landscape design are available to you and you can beautify the area with decorative elements.

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Your avatar can also be customized and equipped with various accessories.

Is there a multiplayer mode in Disney Dreamlight Valley? In early access, the game currently has no multiplayer function.

However, a multiplayer mode is already planned for the game, as the developer studio Gameloft announced on Discord.

Our colleagues from the Gamepro already have a detailed article on the state of co-op in Disney Dreamlight Valley on their website written.

How much is Disney Dreamlight Valley currently? The game is currently available on Steam for €29.99. If you want bundles with additional in-game content, you can choose between the “Deluxe Edition” for €49.58 or the Ultimate Edition, which costs €69.98 (as of November 04, 2022, via Steam)

How does the community rate Disney Dreamlight Valley? The game is currently very successful on Steam. Of the total of 5,720 reviews, 95% are positive (as of November 04, 2022, via Steam)

Players compare it to Animal Crossing, Sims and Stardew Valley in the reviews.

When is Disney Dreamlight Valley full release? The game will be released in 2023 as a free-to-play game.

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