FIFA 23: World Cup update coming on November 9th – News

FIFA 23: World Cup update coming on November 9th - News

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A good rating was the latest soccer simulation FIFA 23 in the GG test to the editor Benjamin Brown value. The GG users have punished the sports game with a current rating of only 3.4 points, but they still worry solid sales figures currently for sound tills at Electronic Arts.

The sales figures could even increase, because on November 9th EA will publish it FIFA World Cup 2022 a free update for the soon to start but also politically controversial World Cup in Qatar.

With the start of the tournament on November 21, you can choose one of the 32 qualified national teams and play along or replay the world championships. For this you should have a live tournament mode, an online mode with quick play unlock and a customizable mode. If your team is eliminated from the real tournament, you can re-enter the tournament with a new team or catch up on past games in the “Presented Quick Match”.

EA promises to replicate two World Cup stadiums, including the 80,000-seat Lusail Iconic Stadium, where the final will take place. In addition, authentic copies of stadium objects, balls, player head scans and the World Cup trophy should be part of the new update.

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