Final Fantasy XVI will have New Game Plus and a hard difficulty mode

Final Fantasy 16 Continues To Top Famitsu's Most Wanted Lists, GamersRD

Last July, the producer of final fantasy xvi, Naoki Yoshida confirmed that the title would have a story focus mode and portable assists to help players less experienced in combat. In a new interview with 4Gamerdirector Hiroshi Takai (translation via DeepL) has confirmed that there will be New Game Plus where players will be able to transfer all of their equipment and abilities to a new game.

Your level also carries over, which you’re going to need as the enemies are also stronger. In addition to this, a higher level difficulty mode is also present. No further details on this have been revealed yet, but it should satisfy those who want a challenge.

Final Fantasy 16It will be out in summer 2023 for PS5. According to Takai, development is 95 percent complete, and a late 2022 release date should be announced.

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