Ghost Trick – Phantom Detective: Coming to PC soon? – News

Ghost Trick - Phantom Detective: Coming to PC soon?  - News

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As gematsu reportedthe “Game Rating and Administration Committee of Korea” published the previously only available for Nintendo DS and mobile devices Ghost Trick – Phantom Detective (to the user article). Based on the coding used in the evaluation result, it can apparently be deduced that the detective game will soon be published by shu takumi could be pending for the PC. Gamepia, which is also responsible for marketing other Capcom titles in Korea, was named as the publisher.

In Ghost Trick, you take on the role of the recently murdered Sissel, who gets a chance to solve his own murder and save other lives. To do this, you can manipulate the world of the living as a ghost, i.e. perform so-called “ghost tricks”.

Whether the assumptions are confirmed and whether the game will appear in Germany is still in the stars.

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