Gran Turismo: line-up of stars for the racing film

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In June we reported that from the brand Gran Turismo a feature film is to be made. Although was Neil Blomkamp was already named as the director of the title at the time, but it was initially unclear who would play in this strip that seemed abstruse at first glance. In the meantime, numerous well-known names have been thrown into the room, which we will probably see next year from August 11th will see on screen. So had The Hollywood Reporters recently listed a large number of actors for the GT film. First, both Djimon Hounsouas well as the Spice Girl Geri Halliwell Horner named for the film. While Hounsou has appeared in countless blockbusters over the years, Halliwell-Horner isn’t exactly known for her acting prowess. Nevertheless, she has had one or two spins and also has a personal connection to motorsport. After all, Christian Horner, her husband, is the head of the Red Bull Formula 1 teams.

Stars in fast cars

Added next to Daniel Puig and Joshua Stradowski With Thomas Kretschmann also a German-speaking actor. As far as the quality of the film is concerned, we can only hope that it is based more on Daniel Brühl in Rush and less on Til Schweiger in Driven. Finally, David Habrour and Archie Madekwe called. Orlando Bloom and Darren Barnett were recently confirmed for the film. The website also emphasizes that filming for the film has already started in Hungary.

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What is the film about?

The basic premise of the film has been known for a while. A young GT player, played by Madewke, is to make the dramatic journey from virtual to real motorsport. While Hounsou and Halliwell-Horner play his parents, Harbor will become his mentor in the film. It remains to be seen how exactly this role will be implemented in comparison to past motorsport films. Daniel Puig is set to act as the protagonist’s brother, while Stradowski will become the protagonist’s rival. Thomas Kretschmann probably embodies the father of the rival.