Harvestella: New Life Sim RPG From Square Enix – Mixed Reviews

Harvestella: New Life Sim RPG From Square Enix - Mixed Reviews

from Yusuf Hatic
With Harvestella, publisher Square Enix has released a new JRPG that aims to focus on life simulation à la Stardew Valley. On Steam, however, they are not enthusiastic.

This year’s surprise hit PowerWash Simulator proved just as impressively as the mega flop Babylon’s Fall, which is on the verge of a final server shutdown, that games from the Japanese publisher Square Enix are either a hit or a total failure. With Harvestella, Square Enix is ​​now preparing to write more positive headlines again – the life simulation RPG has been available for PC and Nintendo Switch since November 4th.

Harvestella’s Steam ratings are mixed at best in the first few days after the release: Out of 315 reviews, only 65 percent are positive ratings. The reviews criticized the high price of 59.99 euros in particular, which cannot be justified in view of some technical defects and mature gameplay mechanics. At least the setting and the soundtrack, which deserves praise throughout, are convincing. According to SteamDB, Harvestella also entered the global top seller charts on Steam at number 44.

Harvestella on Steam: That’s what it’s all about

Harvestella is all about the catastrophes called Silentium, which take place during each change of season and threaten the entire life of the settlement. In the style of classic farming simulators, players have their own house and farm, which must be maintained and developed as a self-sufficient base without falling victim to the Silentium.

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So while day-to-day farm life is to be protected and enhanced, the player is also about discovering the truth behind the Silentium disasters. With various allies working according to the usual JRPG principle, the protagonists make their way through the imaginative world to reach the crystals called Chronomalia, which control the seasons. The way there is naturally accompanied by various monsters and traps that have to be defeated in the real-time combat system.

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