“I like my football without thousands of dead bodies”

Trymacs explains in the live stream about its boycott of the 2022 World Cup

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Of: Joost Rademacher

Twitch streamer Trymacs now joins the harsh criticism against the World Cup in Qatar. His statement on the subject is clear.

Hamburg – As the soccer World Cup in Qatar approaches, the discussion about it is getting pretty loud again. On the Internet, the camps are increasingly divided into ‘boycott’ and ‘watch’, while well-known personalities are also being asked for their opinion. The controversial topic has now also arrived at the well-known ex-FIFA streamer Trymacs. For him, however, no big discussion is necessary, he makes his position on the World Cup in Qatar quite clear in a few sentences.

Maximilian Stemmler
Aug. 19, 1994
3.2 million (as of November 2022)
2.16 million (as of November 2022)

Trymacs vs. World Cup in Qatar – football without corpses is “a matter of taste”

What happened? Trymacs was recently busy with football again in the live stream, but this time not in virtual form. With his chat, the streamer talked about the players of the German squad for the national soccer team at the World Cup. Incidentally, Maximilian Stemmler dropped the words “Unfortunately there is no World Cup this year.An ominous sentence, but some fans in the know should have known at the time what Trymacs was getting at.

Trymacs joins World Cup boycott – “I like my football without thousands of dead bodies” © Trymacs/IMAGO/Sven Simon (Montage)

Trymacs shows a clear edge: After that, Trymacs became unusually cool, when he was known from the “FIFA Ultimate Team” days as a hyperbolic screamer. When asked why there was no World Cup, the Twitch streamer then became very clear: “16,000 people died for the stadiums that were built.He also calculated that every minute of play during all this year’s World Cup games would result in around three deaths during construction work. “I think football is nice, but I like my football without thousands of corpses‘ he finally draws as a résumé.

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With this, Trymacs is in quite a contrast to his streamer colleague MontanaBlack. Monte was also recently asked about his attitude towards the World Cup in Qatar, but he was a lot more indifferent to the whole issue and said he would watch the games. MontanaBlack also settled accounts with many World Cup opponents and portrayed them as hypocrites.

Not Trymacs’ first boycott: In general, Trymacs seems to be undergoing a change in how it perceives and consumes football lately. When FIFA 23 was released, he was still doing happy 7-day streams, where he opened tour packs and spent a staggering amount of money on them. In the meantime, however, he has also sworn off the excesses of FUT packs. In fact, Trymacs is now completely boycotting FIFA after he had a little personal revelation on the subject through an educational video.