I opened 150 card packs in Hearthstone – There were so many Legendaries in them

Hearthstone card pack odds at 150 packs

150 card packs are available from Hearthstone as a gift. I opened them all and wrote down how many common, rare, epic, and legendary cards I drew.

Why 150 card packs? First: No, I didn’t invest €180 in Hearthstone to present my result to you. Through a Blizzard campaign, I (and many other players) received up to 150 card packs for free.

To give you an insight into what the packs bring, I’ll show you the data here in an overview.

What is the chance of Legendary Cards?

Here’s how I did it: The 150 card packs are divided into Castle Nathria packs and standard cards. I first opened the 75 Nathria card packs and noted the cards drawn. Then the standard maps.

What was in the Nathria packs: From the 75 packages I drew:

  • 265 Common Cards (including 5 Gold and Common)
  • 86 Rare Cards (including 6 Gold and Rare)
  • 18 Epic Cards
  • 6 legendary cards

I show you the legendary cards from my packs in the following gallery:

This was in the standard packs: From the 75 packages I drew:

  • 269 ​​Common Cards (including 6 Gold and Common)
  • 89 Rare Cards (including 5 Gold and Rare)
  • 14 Epic Cards
  • 3 legendary cards

I show you the legendary cards from the standard packs in the following gallery:

Conclusion: What was in the 150 packs?

In total, the 150 card packs are worth €180 when bought in packs of 60 and 15 packs per set. You received a total of:

  • 9 legendary cards
  • 32 Epic Cards
  • 175 rare cards
  • 534 Ordinary Maps
My results of card deals from 150 packs

I was also able to disenchant over 1,000 dust with a few doubles. Overall, I’m happy with the yield and I hope you were lucky too and got a lot of card packs from Blizzard as gifts. With this overview you have a rough picture of what the yield could look like for you.

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