In FIFA 23, the transfer market is collapsing – many top players are now much cheaper

In FIFA 23, the transfer market is collapsing - many top players are now much cheaper

The prices on the FIFA 23 transfer market are falling. Over the course of the week, many tickets have suddenly become significantly cheaper. This has advantages but also disadvantages.

When did the crash start? If you follow the prices on the FIFA 23 transfer market, you can see that, by and large, cards tend to get cheaper the longer the game is out. This is also due to the fact that with the many events in FIFA 23, new, stronger cards keep appearing that overtake the old ones.

This results in a downward price curve for most cards. But since last weekend around October 28th, a kink suddenly formed – and many cards crashed.

Now numerous top players have reached almost all-time lows.

Some examples: We look at some exciting cards that have fallen in price (via futbinPS prices).

  • Cristiano Ronaldo
    • approx. 500,000 on October 28th
    • Now 330,000
  • Erling Haaland
    • approx. 170,000 on October 28th
    • Now about 86,000
  • Lionel Messi
    • approx. 246,000 on October 28th
    • Now 165,000
  • Jules Kounde
    • approx. 39,000 on October 28th
    • Now 19,000
  • Ferland Mendy
    • approx. 89,000 on October 28th
    • Now 57,000
  • Christopher Nkunku
    • approx. 70,000 on October 28th
    • Now 30,000
  • Federico Valverde
    • approx. 21,000 on October 28th
    • Now 7,100

With many cards, there were sharp downward kinks again at the weekend, from Friday to Sunday. Such price crashes can be seen with a large number of gold cards, which are suddenly significantly cheaper.

But not only they are affected. Popular specials like Rulebreakers Dzeko are also affected, although not as excessively. It cost about 187,000 coins on Friday, November 4th and is now down to 153,000.

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Overall, the transfer market seems to be heading straight down. This has advantages as well as disadvantages – depending on how you are currently acting or have acted.

What does the transfer market crash mean for players in FIFA 23?

Depending on the situation, the crash in prices can be worthwhile for players or cause trouble.

If you have a few coins in your account and are planning to strengthen your team in the near future, you can now do so for significantly less money. Cards like Haaland, for example, cost twice to three times as much as they do now. Now they are easier to reach.

And even if better and better cards come into play: There are many gold cards like Haaland, which are still very strong. If you look at the list of the currently most popular players in FIFA 23, you will find some cards that can now be worthwhile.

The crash is also worthwhile for players who mainly bet on SBCs and untradeable cards and have invested little in cards. These cards have no value in the market in that sense and are therefore not affected. In addition, you can now buy more cheap players for the team or SBCs cheaper.

On the other hand, the crash is annoying if you have just bought expensive cards on the transfer market, but they crashed shortly afterwards. This is particularly annoying when trading in FIFA 23. Anyone who bought Haaland a week or two ago has now “lost coins” so to speak – at least if you want to sell Haaland again.

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You can only console yourself with the fact that many other cards are cheaper now and you may not need as many coins for improvements.

How do you see the current market crash? Are you happy about the cheaper cards, or have you lost coins? Tell us in the comments!