LoL Worlds 2022: The best player in the world takes risks, fails, loses the world championship

LoL Worlds 2022: The best player in the world takes risks, fails, loses the world championship

In the final of the LoL Worlds 2022 in League of Legends, the two teams DRX and T1 met on the night of Sunday, November 6th. After 5 tight matches, DRX was able to claim the victory, although T1 has the best player of all time in Faker on the team. At the crucial moment, a risky move led to defeat.

These were the worlds:

Lol: Normal people see Faker’s screen during a World Cup game – Can’t figure it out

That was the final moment: In the 5th and last match of the final, the two teams met at the Elder Drake at about 40 minutes. The dragon provides a powerful buff to the team that can kill it.

T1 seem to have the upper hand in the pre-fight banter, constantly nibbling on DRX’s health bar and even nearly killing their support BeryL. He survives with only a few life points.

However, T1 don’t notice that DRX’s top planer, Kingen (on Aatrox), hangs around behind them and steals the Red Buff from them. T1 begin the fight against the mighty dragon, but are disturbed by DRX and eventually end up in serious distress even by Kungen himself.

Faker’s team decides to retreat for a short time. With no more chances for the dragon, midlaner Faker and toplaner Zeus try a risky move: they try a “backdoor”.

Both teleport directly in front of the enemy base and try to destroy the last two towers and the Nexus. However, Kingen, strengthened by the dragon, comes back and kills both of them. Meanwhile, ultra-aggressive support Keria is also dying, leaving the way open for T1’s jungler and for DRX to push through the middle and end the game. T1 no longer has enough defenses alive:

No reverse sweep: 5 close games to win for DRX

The final games lasted more than 4 hours in total, the two professional teams played the entire duration of 5 matches. DRX and T1 delivered a proverbial head-to-head race.

While the first lap went to T1, DRX was able to catch up in the second lap. It was followed by a 2:1 for T1 and finally another equalization to 2:2 for DRX until both teams finally played for everything in the 5th game.

Incidentally, up until the final games, DRX were considered absolute underdogs who ruined 8 perfect bets with their victories. They played their way from the play-ins to the finals. The favorites for the title before the Worlds were actually Gen.G and T1 themselves.

T1 openly disappointed in defeat, throwing up their hands as DRX celebrates. After the match, however, at least Faker found sporting words for his former friend: “Deft is a player who fully deserves the Worlds title. Congratulations.” (via inventory global)

In the portrait of Faker we explain how he became a living legend:

The Life of Faker – That’s why he’s a living legend

The emotions surrounding LoL could also be heard in the audience. It’s not just the players who put their heart and soul into it, but also the spectators, who have cheered almost continuously since the dragon fight. Faker himself was greeted with thunderous applause even as he entered the arena – although he made at least one embarrassing mistake in the worlds:

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