Mining cryptocurrency with Walmart: Third-party providers are selling mining machines cheaper and cheaper

Mining cryptocurrency with Walmart: Third-party providers are selling mining machines cheaper and cheaper

from Benjamin Grundken
Fortunately, miners are no longer active enough to push prices for graphics cards far beyond what is affordable. Mining is not history yet either. Third parties are currently selling plenty of ASIC miners via the Walmart Marketplace, almost as if they finally wanted to get rid of the mining machines.

Since countries like China put a stop to the waste of resources by miners, prices for cryptocurrencies have steadily deteriorated. The mining zenith has passed, graphics cards are finally affordable again. However, the prospecting is not completely over. Third-party providers are currently trying to sell various ASIC miners via Walmart. However, they now cost significantly less and can often be delivered directly. A year ago it looked very different.

ASIC miners were particularly popular in China, because they are no longer allowed to be sold there, so people apparently fled to the Walmart marketplace. Here you can now find all the well-known names and dealers, with all kinds of accessories for sale in addition to ASIC miners. Control boards, individual ASIC chips, cables, connectors and other odds and ends that you need for mining operations – all of this can be found via Walmart.

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Interested parties can buy ASIC miners at different prices on the Walmart marketplace. Devices are currently available that cost between 2,500 and 14,600 dollars. It is interesting that Bitmain, for example, sells the “AntMiner S19J Pro” for 9,984 US dollars in its online shop, the same AISC miner at Walmart but can be found for $6,000. This saves 40 percent on the US dealer’s marketplace compared to the manufacturer. One seller listed the “AntMiner T19” as particularly cheap for $199. This model is no longer available from stock.

Not only in secular countries with their high energy costs the topic of digging should have been settled. At best, it is still exciting for miners who have their own energy supply and, for whatever reason, do not feed their electricity into the grid. It is to be hoped that they will then also keep their hands off the Geforce RTX 4090 and the recently introduced Radeon RX 7900 XTX.

Source: Tom’s hardware