MontanaBlack talks about his lovesickness – “It hurts too”

MontanaBlack alongside an icon image of his ex-girlfriend.  Plus broken hearts

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Of: Josh Grossman

MontanaBlack has gone through two breakups in a very short space of time. Now he spoke openly about his lovesickness in a stream on Twitch.

Buxtehude – MontanaBlack is not doing as well as it might seem at first glance. The streamer hosted an open question and answer session on Twitch, giving his fans a chance to speak to him face-to-face. The many, sometimes very young-sounding fans are surprised by the stream, which quickly turns to relationships, ex-girlfriends and heartbreak.

Full name Marcel Thomas Andreas Eris
Known as MontanaBlack
birthday March 02, 1988
Place of birth Buxtehude
Subscribers on YouTube 2,910,000 (as of November 2022)
Followers on Twitch 4,700,000 (as of November 2022)

MontanaBlack reveals his feelings – Q&A on Twitch ends with ex-girlfriend talk

What happened? MontanaBlack isn’t always the tough guy most viewers think he is. The streamer from Buxtehude reveals his feelings more and more often on Twitch and speaks plain language with his fans. With “One Question, Go” MontanaBlack gives his loyal viewers the chance to ask him a question. “Are you currently satisfied with your life?‘ is the question that makes the Twitch badboy unpack.

MontanaBlack: heartbreak and ex-girlfriends – emotional real talk from the streamer © dpa: Philipp Schulze / Unsplash (Montage)

This is what Monte feels: Although “the rough‘ with MontanaBlack and his family, but the streamer says that he often finds it difficult to get up. MontanaBlack is plagued by bad dreams involving his ex-girlfriends. What exactly happens in the dreams, the streamer wants to leave unsaid, so the fans have to think their part.

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MontanaBlack is “heartbroken” as ex-girlfriends bother the streamer

Here’s what he says about his ex-girlfriends: Even if the streamer seems happy, he is struggling with his past relationships. MontanaBlack’s visit to the wildlife park wasn’t well received by fans, but it certainly helped the streamer process his feelings. The “heartache” from his last two relationships is giving the 34-year-old from Buxtehude a hard time.

When I’m on the road – even alone with me – then I realize that I’m heartbroken. And that hurts too.

MontanaBlack emotionally announced their split, and months later, the streamer’s relationship continues to bother them. MontanaBlack kept his next girlfriend a secret, but that’s the end of it. On Twitch he gives the fan a good future prospect with the very personal question: “It’s also something that will soon go away“. So there seems to be light at the end of the tunnel.

MontanaBlack: Heartbreak and ex-girlfriend talk – fans wish the streamer the best

The streamer also inevitably relates the next question to his past relationships. “What were the three best moments of your life?‘ asks another fan. Although MontanaBlack can’t really answer the question, the streamer mentions a scooter tour of Buxtehude a few months ago. However, this day only became so good due to one special circumstance: MontanaBlack was happy about it, “that there is someone waiting for you“.

What the fans say: MontanaBlack’s stream chat is flooded with assist. Fans sympathize with the Twitch streamer, assuring him that eventually he’ll find the right one. Such therapy streams seem to help MontanaBlack and are well received by his fans.

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