New World lets players start from scratch and has more fans than it has in a year

The MMORPG New World would like to experience its second spring - this is how it should succeed

New World has gotten really big again and WoW players bitch until they get something back from Blizzard. A lot happened again this week in the world of MMORPGs. The overview here with us in the weekly review.

The highlights of the week:

The excitement of the week: Can also be found in WoW. Because there Blizzard is now giving away a mount that was previously worth $ 3,000 and that annoys rich fans in particular.

The discussion of the week: Our editor Alexander Leitsch thinks Ashes of Creation is doing the right thing and is stealing from New World – sparking a discussion.

You can see the most important thing about Ashes of Creation in this video:

Ashes of Creation: The most important thing about the MMORPG in 49 seconds

You can finally pet cute animals in ESO

This is what happened in the big MMORPGs:

WoW has been dying for 12 years, but now Blizzard is doing (almost) everything right again

This is what happened with the small MMORPGs:

  • RuneScape also launched new Fresh Start servers, but players found a way to smuggle gold onto them. The developers then permanently banned them, now they are protesting against it.
  • Astellia was actually shut down after it was released in 2019. Now it is to be re-released as a blockchain MMO under the name Astel of Atra (via massivelyop).
  • Albion Online is launching its first major playtest for new feature The Mists (via
  • The post-apocalyptic MMO shooter Ashfall improves its visuals and introduces new game modes (via massivelyop).
  • Lord of the Rings Online is postponing its big Before the Shadow update by a few days to November 15 (via massivelyop).
  • Wolcen Lords of Mayhem brings a new boss with the fall update that is said to be so hard they guarantee players they won’t be able to beat it (via massivelyop).
  • Mortal Online 2 shows graphic updates and big battles for territory control in its roadmap (via massivelyop).
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The VR MMORPG Zenith keeps getting bigger:

VR MMORPG was a surprise hit on Steam – Introduces first major update in teaser

VR MMORPG becomes launch title for PSVR 2

This is what happened with the MMORPGs in development:

  • The successful VR project Zenith: The Last City will be a launch title for the PlayStation VR2 and will appear there on the first day, November 15th (via
  • Another VR MMORPG, Ilysia, is also showing off mostly visual advancements as it gears up for beta (via massivelyop).
  • Ares: Rise of Guardiands shows a new trailer and introduces a visually very chic new class (via massivelyop).
  • The new survival MMO Frozen Flame will start its early access on Steam in two weeks. It relies on a concept for which it has even won awards.
  • Bandai Namco confirmed this week that Blue Protocol is still in development and promised an announcement in the coming week (via
  • Profane explains how you progress in the game at all and also shows you the same new armor (via
  • After Epic Games discontinued the MOBA Paragon and left many fans mourning it, it’s now coming back under the name Paragon The Overprime, under the supervision of Netmarble (via massivelyop).

This is the MMORPG news of the week at a glance. What was your highlight? Did you experience something interesting this week that you would like to share? Or have we perhaps forgotten something important? Write it to us in the comments here at MeinMMO.

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