Over 100,000 euros for Pay2Win – Even Unge is speechless

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Of: Josh Grossman

Trymacs has now revealed their spending on Pay2Win games in one of their recent live streamers. Since even colleague Unge falls to be nothing more.

Hamburg – If you are lost, you have to help. According to this credo, Trymacs invests gigantic sums in Pay2Win games such as FIFA 23, Clash Royale and Diablo Immortal. In his live stream on Twitch, he talks to Unge about the sums he has spent on Pay2Win over the past six years – 134,000 euros. While his fellow streamer is stunned, fans are speculating if Trymacs hasn’t poured even more into all of his Pay2Win accounts.

Maximilian Stemmler
Aug. 19, 1994
3.2 million (as of October 2022)
2.15 million (as of October 2022)

Trymacs: That’s how much he spent on Pay2Win – His own bill

How much did Trymacs spend on Pay2Win? On Twitch, Trymacs discloses its expenses for Pay2Win games in the form of a mental calculation. Since the beginning of his YouTube and Twitch career, Trymacs has poured large sums of money into Pay2Win games like Clash Royale. Although the Twitch streamer has projects on Free2Play that he enjoys even more, he loves Pay2Win, “because it’s just so stupid“. Here are the specs from Trymacs.

  • FIFA 23: 21,000 euros
  • FIFA 22: 35,000 euros
  • FIFA 21: 25,000 euros
  • Clash Royale: 20,000 euros
  • Clash of Clans: 12,000 euros
  • Hay Day: 14,000 euros
  • Diablo Immortal: 2,000 euros
  • Other mobile games from Supercell: approx. 5,000 euros
  • Total: 134,000 euros
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Even if he mentions the sum of 133,000 euros in the stream, we get 134,000 euros – but the small calculation error is negligible with these sums. Some fans even suspect that Trymacs massively underestimated its Pay2Win spending and must have spent significantly more on Clash Royale alone. Trymacs demanded 14,000 euros for Clash of Clans from its fans after having already put 2,000 into the new update. Estimation errors by Trymacs therefore seem quite possible.

Trymacs talks to Unge about Pay2Win – streamer colleague is bothered by the trend

Un says: The reason for the Trymacs bill was a conversation with Unge. He doesn’t think much of Pack Openings in FIFA and Co.”I just think this whole FIFA thing is right, right, really disgusting. Be live for seven days and open loot boxes‘, Unge criticizes Trymacs and everyone else who has fallen for this trend. “I can somehow not really understand how you love being a whale“. “Whale” refers to players who put large sums of money into Pay2Win games.

Trymacs spends 134,000 euros on Pay2Win – Unge finds the trend “really disgusting” © Instagram: Trymacs/Unsplash (Montage)

When he gets the total from Trymacs, he can’t help but react with irony: “It’s actually nothing. It’s the average whale, isn’t it?“, the streamer only brings with a light laugh from his lips. Aware of the size of its investments, Trymacs says: “That’s neat.Nevertheless, Trymacs keeps bridging the gap to the YouTubers from the Tisi Schubech channel, who are said to have spent almost 90,000 euros on FIFA 22 alone.

Unge and Trymacs weren’t at loggerheads, though. The conversation between the two went smoothly and even if they seem to have different opinions on some points, they will continue to understand each other. Trymacs calls for a FIFA 23 boycott after his brother released an informative video about the impact of loot boxes on the human psyche. If you want to make yourself a picture of Trymac’s expenses and the corresponding invoice, you can go to the Twitch stream snippet see the whole conversation.

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