PCGH Quiz Time #14: Keyboards – are you input device connoisseurs?

[PLUS]  Custom gaming keyboards in a comparison test

from Stephen Wilke
It doesn’t matter whether you’re a professional gamer or an office worker – PC operation doesn’t work without a keyboard. Nowadays, the input device communicates with the computer either via USB, PS/2 or wirelessly, for example via Bluetooth. Depending on personal preference, there is a large selection of different formats, switches and keycaps. If you are also familiar with the history of keyboards, the new edition of PCGH Quiz Time is right up your alley.

Flat or high keys? Should it click or not? With palm rest or rather without? These and other considerations concern many PC users who don’t just want to type, but value high ergonomics and reliable input when texting and playing games. Today’s PC keyboards are descended from typewriters that were popular in the 19th century. In the first half of the 20th century there were already the first commercial electric typewriters, which prevailed in the 1960s, but soon became relics when the PC revolution took its course. Even early computers such as the Zuse Z3 introduced in 1941 offered keys for input, but it was a long way to today’s PC keyboards: It was not until the 1980s that a key layout became established that has only been slightly modified since then. This time, PCGH Quiz Time is your chance to prove how well you know about PC keyboards.

We look forward to your feedback and hope you enjoy the new edition of PCGH Quiz Time! Please let us know in the comments how easy or difficult you found the questions to be. More quizzes about games, technology and co. can be found on the PCGH quiz page. Important: If you are running a script blocker on PCGH.de, you will unfortunately not see the integrated quiz questions.

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[PLUS] Custom gaming keyboards in a comparison test

PCGH Plus: housing, switch plate and cables in your favorite colours. Multicolored keycaps and swappable switches. If you don’t want to buy your mechanical keyboard off the shelf, a custom model is a customized but expensive alternative. The article comes from PC Games Hardware 08/2022.
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[PLUS]  Knowledge: More than 40 years of mechanical key switches

[PLUS] Knowledge: More than 40 years of mechanical key switches

PCGH Plus: Mechanical key switches, which have been around for over four decades, are in a class of their own – our knowledge article shows why and provides all the details on the technology and the huge variety of models. The article comes from PC Games Hardware 06/2022.
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PCGH basic knowledge: switch knowledge – how do I find the right switches?

Background: The new PCGH Quiz Time format gives you a regular chance to test your knowledge of a specific hardware or gaming topic. In multiple-choice questions, the task is to select the correct answer within a limited time frame. If you succeed, you will receive a certain number of points depending on the difficulty. More points mean higher placement on the leaderboard, which is headlined by the hardest-working and smartest quiz-takers in the community. Found an error in the quiz or have ideas for improving PCGH Quiz Time? Then we look forward to your feedback by e-mail to [email protected] or You comment in the collective feedback thread for the PCGH quiz.