Streamers want to force a change to HSV – this is how the club reacts

Niklas Sommer Trymacs in the HSV Volksparkstadion

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Niklas Sommer to HSV? This transfer rumor came up due to a recent live stream in which Trymacs wanted to make the move. Now the club is reacting.

Hamburg, Germany – Niklas Sommer is a fixture on the FIFA 23 streaming scene. His unique selling point is undoubtedly his work away from Twitch, because Sommer is a professional footballer at the third division team Waldhof Mannheim. In a recent live stream, Trymacs and MontanaBlack attempted the

Niklas Sommer: Trymacs and MontanaBlack are enthusiastic about HSV and want Willy to change

Transfer rumor due to live stream: Together with his friends Trymacs and MontanaBlack, Niklas Sommer streamed a round of FIFA 23. When Sommer made fun of the Nordic greeting “Moin”, the discussion started. “Willy, take it easy, you’ll be traded to HSV next season. Straight into the premier league,” says ardent HSV supporter Trymacs.

Trymacs tried to make the move palatable to Sommer by using the approximately 57,000 fans who gather at a sold-out home game in the Volksparkstadion to advertise. “That’s right, HSV has a nice stadium by northern standards,” agreed MontanaBlack with his buddy.

Niklas Sommer: Streamers want to force a change to HSV – this is how the club reacts © Instagram: Trymacs / Niklas Sommer

Niklas Sommer himself also seems to have nothing but good things to say about HSV. “The fans are crazy,” said the right-back in a positive way about the passionate fans of the former Bundesliga dinosaurs. In addition, the Twitch streamer sang the HSV goal anthem from his head. In FIFA 23, Niklas Sommer is one of the most popular players.

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Niklas Sommer to HSV: A transfer of the right-back is so realistic

Will there be a change? Is there more behind the sayings from the live stream? How realistic is a transfer from Niklas Sommer to HSV really? At his current club, Waldhof Mannheim, Niklas Sommer does not play as regularly as he did last season. The right-back completed 8 of 15 possible games.

At HSV, the regular player from Sommer’s position is Moritz Heyer. He’s injured at the moment. The only 18-year-old William Mikelbrencis is not yet a serious replacement. If a transfer were to take place, it would not be until next summer, when Niklas Sommer’s contract expires and he would be available on a free transfer. However, the streamer would have to work hard for a regular place.

HSV reacts to transfer rumour: HSV itself got wind of the rumour. A reaction followed promptly. On the official TikTok channel of the club, HSV uploaded a video in which the scene from the live stream is accompanied by funny clips. EliasN97 celebrated HSV’s action. In FIFA 23, the courted Niklas Sommer is even faster than Cristiano Ronaldo.